Friday, September 24, 2010

Amazon Japan Brings Us Eclipse LA Premiere DVD!

These guys think of everything! Amazon Japan has recently come out with a DVD from the Eclipse L.A. Premiere! There are tons of interviews with the cast, David Slade, fans and so much more! OK, so what I really meant to say was, tons of Rob and Kristen footage! Who doesn't love that?!

The total bummer is this DVD can be purchased when you buy your tickets for the Japan Premiere which is November 13th. They may have a DVD but I have already seen the movie at least 30 times :) Check out some videos below.

{via Robstenation}

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  1. Well, I just wanted to tell you that these are free DVD when you purchase ADV movie ticket from Amazon, not for Japan premiere.
    Amazon said "London premiere red-carpet" also is included!

    Amazon ADV tickets ↓

    And we have another ADV tickets from theaters with free gifts such as glittered coasters or files↓

    Have a good twilight day and love from Japan to all twilighters!!