Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BD Birth Scene..To be Gruesome, or Not to be Gruesome..

Kellen Lutz is excited about the way the birth scene in the up coming Breaking Dawn is set to be filmed he recently said in an interview with Eonline. According to Lutz, filming is set to begin sometime in October and go through April. In related news, Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg said to Eonline that she doesn't feel the birth scene necessarily needs to be gruesome. She feels Bella's perspective of the birth is what really should be portrayed. The anticipation grows with every second. I know we all CANNOT wait to see the final result!

{via Eonline}

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  1. I hope they show Quil and Clair at the beginning of Jacob's part and have him mentioning the Quil imprinted on her. I do hope we get to see the birth seen through both Jacob's and Bella's eyes. With Jacob's at the end of movie 1 and Bella's at the very beginning of movie 2. Also I really hope that we get to see Jacob imprint on Renesmee. For the record by the end of the movie Renesmee should be looking like a small adult-like 5 year old.