Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twilight was almost an Action Movie?

My Twi-Hearts, have you heard the latest gossip?

We are here today because we have fallen incandescently in love with the The Twilight Saga and the enviable romance between human, vampire and werewolf, right? Well, Twilight Producer Mark Morgan recently revealed that Paramount Pictures wanted to turn our beloved Twilight into an action movie! Can my Twi-Hearts believe this? It's true.

According to the interview with Hollywood Life, Mr. Morgan revealed that Paramount had originally been interested in releasing the franchise. And that as the script for Twilight was being shopped around Hollywood, Paramount was in talks of pulling a 180 and changing Twilight into an action movie.

However, and thank all goodness, Summit Entertainment eventually acquired the rights to our lovely story and stayed close to the Twilight source material. "It was a blessing that Summit chose to do the move, because frankly, Paramount would have chosen a different director. Their rewrite wasn't exactly like the book. I love Paramount, but I do not think they would have hired Catherine Hardwicke, our first director. They would have gone for someone bigger. Boys. More action." Mr. Morgan shared.

When Summit picked up The Twilight Saga, the move was a blessing since fans could have seen the FBI track down Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. "I mean, one of their drafts literally had a Korean FBI agent who was hunting and tracking vampires across the coast. There was SWAT in the trees and literally it was like, ‘Red leader, read leader one′, and the vampires were picking them out of the woods. It would have been a different movie."

Commenting on how the film would have been received had it departed from the original story of the relationship between our Edward and his Bella, Mr. Morgan said: "The fans would have killed us. They would have stoned us."

How about that, Twi-Hearts? Do you think Mr. Morgan is onto something? Would we have stoned to death the producers, writers, directors, maybe even actors, working on Twilight had it departed completely from the novel?

Good thing we do not have to find out, right?

(Via The Deadbolt News)

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