Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lautner's Trailer Situation is Settled

If you haven't followed the Taylor Lautner trailer situation, here is the gist --

Taylor paid to have a trailer customized and tricked out to use while filming Abduction. The company he ordered it from did not make the deadline or provide the customization in the contract. So, Taylor was "annoyed" and "emotionally distressed" and decided to sue. Then, Taylor's lawyer tried to settle everything for $40,000. The shop owner came back with a ridiculous push-up contest, saying the winner should donate $40,000 to charity.
The Associated Press reported today that the situation is settled and $40,000 will be donated to Lollipop Theater Network in settlement of Lautner's claim, sans push-up contest.

It looks like it worked out after all. The lawsuit may have seemed silly, but I do think that when a contract is broken, someone needs to make it right. In this case it took getting some lawyers involved, but in the end some money went to charity and maybe now other stars will get their tricked out trailers on time.

As for the beneficiary of the money, the Lollipop Theater Network is a non-profit organization "dedicated to bringing the magic of movies currently in theaters to children confined to hospitals nationwide due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses." According to their website, the organization's goal is "to create a fun escape from the daily reality of the illnesses these children face and to offer them and their families a moment of normalcy in an otherwise stressful environment."

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