Thursday, September 2, 2010

'Twilight' Busy Year

Say "Welcome" to our new contributing writer, Jeremy B.!
Breaking Dawn to start filming on September 1st? Eclipse DVD to be released November 1st? Twilight Parody Vampires Suck movie comes out this Wednesday, it seems as if the Entertainment world is finally giving us something to keep ourselves Twilight-busy until the Breaking Dawn premiere in late 2011. Most fans are worried that the upcoming year will be dull and have no "Twilight-Excitement" but Twilight Producers and other big spot TV names are working into making this year as exciting as it can be! I myself am a little worried that if, in this next year, fans loose interest in the lack of "Twilight Suspense," they may not want to come back in the premiere for Breaking Dawn. The cast sure is living their great lives, beyond the fact that they will all be sent back to work, while we all get sent back to school. Hopefully Breaking Dawn director, and producers, will make some sort of ‘Early Trailer’ or ‘Sneak Peak’ in the next couple of months- just so we can get a glance at what is coming our way!

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  1. Is the Eclipse DVD really going to be released on November 1st?