Monday, September 27, 2010

Peter Facinelli and the Gasoline Mishap

Peter Facinelli and the Gasoline Mishap:

 Picture courtesy of Peter Facinelli's Twitter.

On Monday 27th September 2010, said:

"U ever wonder what would happen if u drove off with the gas pump still attached? Well, I'll tell ya. The hose comes disconnected, the attendant starts yelling at u in a foreign language, and as u try to reconnect the hose gas comes gushing out dousing you in gasoline. #oops "!/peterfacinelli

 This sounds like a horrible situation to be in, but the best part was that Peter was trying to get back to the set of Nurse Jackie after visiting his family. And Jennie Garth said "That Nurse Jackie is one lucky bi*#h. Miss you babe!"

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