Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bella's Birthday Bash Account

Bella Birthday Cake
TwilightBlog reader and fan, Sara J. who has already been featured for her fabulous and killer cake decorating skills took a trip to Forks, Washington for Bella's Birthday Bash back in September. Now, featured on only TwilightBlog is a summary and picture account of the trip!
So a summary of our trip is thatwe drove toForks on Friday the 10th of Sept. and came back the evening on the 12th. On Friday we checked into the Forks Motel (which was an awesome place to stay), had dinner at The In Place (which wasn't very good) and went to the Twilight Lounge that night.

Bella Birthday Cake
Saturday we had breakfast at The Coffee Shop (they had awesome food but it took forever to get) which is supposed to be Charlie's diner/coffee shop hangout. Then we went to the Visitor's Center to get a tour map. Then we went to the Outfitters and bought some Twilight apparel =). Following we went to the park where they had vendors, food and games setup and at 2pm we took the group photo. Then we had to buzz over to the library where they held the car decorating contest and were the first ones there. We had a lot to set up so we were pretty early. After the contest we went back to the park and re-setup the car where everyone could see it and it was a big hit. That was a lot of fun =). I made a replica of Bella's Birthday cake from the New Moon movie--it was so much fun!

Bella Birthday Cake

We kind of felt bad because all of the other cars just had writing on the windows and ours was ... well... overly done you can say. =) They announced the winners under the pagoda at 5:30pm and we won 1st place which was totally awesome. You'll just have to see the pics for yourself--they have posted pics of the entire weekends events including our car on www.Forkswa.com.

Bella Birthday Car
Then we took off to go get ready for the La Push campfire on the beach. We got to La Push and walked all along the beach to find out they cancelled the bonfire and were having the story telling in the Quileute lodge instead. We stayed for the story telling and dancing then we went back to the Forks Motel and went swimming. Sunday we did the big tour--walked around town, went to all of the stops on the tour map and stopped at Sully's Burgers (best place to eat in Forks!) and had the Bella burger special before heading home.
Bella Birthday Car On the way home we stopped in Port Angeles at Bella Italia and went next door to the ice cream parlor for treats on the way home. The whole way home we played the Twilight soundtrack and a Muse compilation CD. We didn't want to leave! But we are
definitely going back next year! We want to stay in La Push next year because it was sooo beautiful there.

Here is the Schedule of Events that Sara and her friends "followed to a tee!"


  1. beautiful cake! I was gonna make this cake for our Twilight Party but is so detailed we went simple with a two teir black fondit cake with beautiful red ribbon around the base and a big bow on top. Twi Blog should do a cake post or top 5 best twi cakes that'd b fun 2 see what every one has done!

  2. That sounded so awesome!! I hope to go some day!! :)