Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kristen Stewart on Live

Today, Kristen Stewart was on Live! with Regis and Kelly. She came on stage, looking a little like her character in her new film, who is a stripper, but she still acted like the KS that we know and love. Something about her seems weird during all interviews. She seems to be shy yet she mostly wears risky clothing! O well, it seems to be the acting that the audience loves, not the public speaking! I was hopeful that she would say something about Breaking Dawn. She began talking about her new movie, Welcome to the Rileys. this film was shot in New Orleans, close to where she will begin filming of Breaking Dawn. She stated that filming for Breaking Dawn will be from November to May she thinks. She also said she didn't want to "let it go" once it's over. I cannot wait until she does interviews strictly about BD. I am anxious to hear how the script interprets the book. Thus far, they are doing a grea job keeping it under wraps.

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