Sunday, October 10, 2010

Does The Fandom End At Breaking Dawn?

Recently I was asked what I would do once Breaking Dawn was released and over with. What would I talk about or write about for that matter? Seriously, I signed up for Twitter just because of Twilight and my obsession with everything involved in this "world". Even though we have another 2 years to bask in the glory that is Edward and Bella, what will happen once its all over?

No mention of continuing the series has ever really came up. We know they cannot really keep making movies because eventually the cast has to get older, but who draws the lines? Who decides when its "over?" Do all of our fansites and blogs just disappear along with the hype that follows each of these actors?

Personally, I have become very caught up in this fandom and have learned to love each cast member for work outside of Twilight, although I loved Kristen beforehand ;) I have enjoyed following them on all of their recent endeavors since the first movie hit the big screen. They have all become apart of such a phenomenon and these characters, they so beautifully portrayed, will follow them throughout the rest of their career. I don't mean following them by defining who they are as actors, but they are apart of something HUGE and there is really no way to escape being "that Twilight girl" or "that sexy werewolf."

As far as the characters go, I have wrote about this before on how much I wish Stephanie would continue their journeys. Of course we know it cannot go on forever, but maybe a look into their future would be nice. Even if Stephanie decides to let the Twilight world rest in peace after Breaking Dawn, we have amazing and talented fans who keep her world alive through fan fictions.

Breaking Dawn will be a bittersweet moment for all of us that have invested so much into it. As fans it will be up to us to keep this world alive and to make sure we support every single cast member in their upcoming projects. This movie has launched every single one of them into something much bigger than any of them could have ever dreamed about.

How will you keep the Twilight world alive?


  1. Oh EdwardsBella418 you are so deep :) I almost cried reading ur post. 'Cuz really what will be left? I Know nothing will go on forever and eventually we will all move on too, not to say we wont have a piece of it in our hearts forever and im sure as grandmothers our teenage grand children will stumble on to our books and we can open uo a wonderful world to them. But to think only 2 years and its gone is too deep this A.M. *Tears* & *sniffles*

  2. awwww Thank you for the sweet comment. It is a little bittersweet but I think its only over when the fans say its over :)

  3. I wish it could stay longer. I will keep it here by always remembering it no matter what and think in my perspective, what will happen "next"

  4. Edwardsbella - U KEEP ON BLOGGIN GIRL UR ON A ROLL :) *JESS*
    I love the interavtive posts you always do it gets us talkin and wonderin! JESS

  5. Awwww I am so glad you enjoy them! I enjoy writing them. Sometimes its nice to take a closer look outside of just the news and facts. I am enjoying this bit of free writing I get to do before Breaking Dawn news starts pouring in!