Monday, October 11, 2010

Let the countdown begin

Well guys, fall is in the air. October brings so many good things along with the weather. The main thing on my mind is the filming if Breaking Dawn. Living so close to the site of filming in Louisiana, I feel tremendous pressure to be the "bearer of good news" to my fellow twihards! I am very excited that the state of Louisiana is going to be part of such a wonderful series. I have seen many post about the first "pics" from the crew setting up in Vancouver. This makes me super excited to see the coming together of such a great film. Anyone else living in Louisiana happy to see such a good thing come to our state??


  1. I live in Baton Rouge and very excited!

  2. So exciting I hope pics come soon

  3. I Live in San Antonio Im thinking Eight hrs away isn't that far right?? CANT WAIT 2 GET UR PICTURES TOO :)