Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kristen's Rough Cut Interview!

She was doing press for Welcome to the Riley's and it seemed all of the questions asked were revolved around Breaking Dawn, although I will not complain at all :) Probably one of the coolest things I learned from these interviews is that Kristen is FULLY aware what a Krisbian is! I hope she understands what a HUGE deal that is!

She also talks about how excited she is for Breaking Dawn and also how she has not met her on-screen daughter. She says Bill Condon tells her she will be shocked how much she looks like her and Rob...totally agree. If they were to have a child it would be Mackenzie Foy!

The interview with MTV was only suppose to last for 8 minutes but it seems Miss Stewart is getting more comfortable with interviews and seems to be having a good time. I am really wanting to see her new movie, but I must say I am ready for her to get her butt to Baton Rouge and begin filming!

{via MTV}


  1. I saw this on mtv.com and thought it was funny when she talked about Krisbians and Renesmee. She has come such a long way, and gosh sooo beautiful. you can always tell when Kristen is passionate about something.

  2. Nice Interview. She seemed more comfortable. Yeah :) Kristen