Friday, October 29, 2010

Twilight takes Halloween to another level

So I went Halloween costume shopping yesterday and was surprised but not surprised at the same time when I walked through the door of the store. The main display of costumes were none other than vampires! I had a little chuckle to myself knowing Twilight inspired this sudden infatuation with vampires but seeing it executed as more of Dracula kind of vampires was disappointing. So as I walked past the huge display of vampire costumes, I headed for the accessory wall. Another chuckle to myself as I see an entire rack of vampire teeth! I guess that is what you think of when you think VAMPIRE but the Cullens do not have fangs! It can be done without the teeth!!! Next to catch my eye was the wig section. First wig to pop out at me was.....yes, the infamous Edward Cullen wig!! Loved it! I am really enjoying how much people are embracing the Twilight series in general but seeing how popular the movies have made vampire Halloween costumes just blew me away! I also saw someone on facebook had carved Edward and Bella pumpkins! They looked so real. I have to give a hand to anyone with that much talent. So long story short, keep up the good work Twihards. Your dedication and love for these books and movies is a great thing and it makes me happy and excited to see more!!! What crazy costumes have you seen? Any other Twilight related Halloween happenings? Please feel free to post. Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. A friend and i are going as the snl skit with taylor :) so excited