Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jennie Garth Talks Halloween and Peter Facinelli

Jennie Garth Talks Halloween and Peter Facinelli

OK! Magazine recently published an article from on interview with Jennie Garth about her family's plans for Halloween and what Peter Facinelli enjoys most about it.

"“We are throwing our first ever haunted house for the eighth graders in my daughter’s eight grade class." She also shared her favorite costume: "I was a hobo once that was fun,” she said. “I got to wear my dad’s clothes and have a stick with a thing on it, you know, the stick with the bag on it. I don’t think it’s politically correct anymore, but back then it wasn’t a big deal." Peter and her usually don't dress up as something together.

"Peter is such a kid…he loves to dress up for Halloween,” she said. “It really kind of bugs me cause I don’t like dressing up for Halloween, but I always get kind of cornered into doing it. Like one year he was Captain Hook and he made me be Smee, the fat guy with the stripes. It was not fun. Or they’ll all be the Wizard of Oz people and I’ll be the witch. They always find an extra special role for me.Yeah. And I really hate it."

Read the entire article here

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