Monday, November 15, 2010

Harry Potter v. Twilight

There are many similarities in the Harry Potter wizard series to the Twilight vampire series. They both are from great minds, J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer. Also, both are a series of books that progressively get darker and more adult as the series goes on. Both have made monsterous numbers at the box office as they hit the big screen. Both have chosen to make their final books into two films. As far as release dates, part one of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows" will be released Nov. 19, while part two is set for release in July 2011. Likewise, part one of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" will come out in November 2011 while part two will be released in 2012. I am thankful that one series ends before the other because it seems to give more closure that way. Both Harry Potter films will be released before the final two Twilight films hit theaters. I cannot wait to see how both stories end, even though I have already read the books. I am hoping the main reason for making each finale into two films is to stay as true to the books as possible. I am anxious to go to the theater for all four films over the course of the next two years. One can always hope that both of these great authors will somehow keep the love alive in more books to come!


  1. Um... What exactly was the point of posting that? :/ I think we all know the release dates. That was a pretty pointless post.

  2. Hey anon-
    Don't read if you don't like. I mean seriously, you know what the title was, so-the question is, why are you spewing venom?
    Feel the need to bring others DOWN to your level?
    Grow up.

  3. Cant wait for all the four series. fingers crossed.

  4. I am anxious for both to come out. We only have to wait 7 months in between Harry Potter but a whole year for Breaking Dawn the wait just just torture.

  5. harry potter is my jacob
    twilight is my edward

    i love harry potter when i'm reading it and in the zone... but no matter what i always know that if i had to make a choice - it would be Twilight...
    and when i'm reading Harry Potter i can't imagine anything better - then when i read twilight i can't imagine that i ever liked harry potter .... its annoying being this confused :'(

    oh and also ... it seems impossible for them to coincide in my head :'( as sad as this is i guess when July 15th comes around i'll just close harry potter in a drawer for a while...

    oh another twilight similarity :L it hurts to think of doing that :'(