Sunday, November 14, 2010

Peter Facinelli and Cookies

Today in the newspaper, you will find Twilight star Peter Facinelli featured in the Parade Magazine.Facinelli, 36, participated in Glad to Give's Celebrity Cookie Challenge. This interview was done by Walter Scott.

WS: Tell us about the celebrity bake-off you're doing for Cookies for Kids' Cancer.

PF: I love cookies and I hate cancer. So Joan Cusack, Jayma Mays and I are doing an internet bake sale for pediatric-cancer research. We're seeing which of us can raise the most money.

WS: What's your secret to making great cookies?

PF: They're made with love-that's always the fist ingredient-but if I told you the whole recipe I'd have to kill you. Actually, I don't usually bake cookies at home. My secret is that they're store-bought and I hide the package and put them on a tray and pretend that I made them.

WS: Did your mother teach you anything about cooking?

PF: I make good pasta and vodka sauce. That was her specialty. When she was 60, I made a book of all her recipes. She thought I was cooking all the time because I'd call her for a new recipe every day. Then I gave her the original and sent copies to other family members.

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