Monday, November 1, 2010

Kristen Returns To NOLA!

Ahhhh its like sunlight peeping through clouds. Seeing Kristen gives me a glimmer of hope that maybe news will start to pick up a little more. I am READY for set pics already!

She has come back to NOLA, after spending Halloween with family, to film Breaking Dawn and sources have confirmed that she will be heading to Brazil next week along with Rob & Taylor to film. OK since when is Jacob involved in Isle of Esme?! Is Summit doing some re-writes?

What do you guys think about Taylor being in Brazil with Rob and Kris? Personally, the honeymoon scene is something that CANNOT be re-written without the chance that it may destroy the entire movie. So in lieu of that...Summit, don't screw it up :)
{via PopSugar}


  1. yeah..don't screw up..i so excited about HONEYMOON at Ilse of Esme scene:)))

  2. SO EXCITED ABOUT THE HONEYMOON although im not sure if i will be able to watch it without feeling ill :-/ but i agree since when hes Jacob been in the honeymoon ??? maybe a dream or somethink along those lines :-)

  3. That is crazy! I wonder if Kristen will have a dream sequince? I can't believe Jake will really make an appearance in the coveted honeymoon scenes! I am crazy excited! :) thx for the news!

  4. maybe they will be filming the part in the book where it is from his point of veiw and maybe they will film in brazil