Saturday, November 13, 2010

Taking It Back to the Pages:Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapters 3-4

Bella: Chapter 3 Big Day

In that moment, as the minister said his part, my world, which had been upside down for so long now, seemed to settle into its proper position. I saw just how silly I’d been for fearing this – as if it were an unwanted birthday gift or an embarrassing exhibition, like the prom. I looked into Edward’s shining, triumphant eyes and knew that I was winning, too. Because nothing else mattered but that I could stay with him. - Bella Swan

Bella's big day that she has been dreading since she decided to take a leap and say yes to Edward's "ridiculous" gesture of asking her to marry him, has arrived. The flowers are are beautiful and the lights are up and it's almost showtime for Bella.

Alice, of course, picks Bella up from her house to get her ready for her big day. Bella is very uninterested in the whole event. Alice has her place set up to make Bella the most beautiful person in the room and Rosalie actually steps in to give a hand by doing Bella's hair.

She is a nervous wreck and all that can calm her down is Edward and she is not allowed to see him. She gets dressed and ready to go when Charlie and Renee make the sweetest gesture by giving her a hair comb that was her grandmother's to take the place of something blue. With emotions already flying high, this touches Bella deeply, but she has no time to blubber because now its time!

All I really saw was Edward’s face; it filled my vision and overwhelmed my mind. His eyes were a buttery, burning gold; his perfect face was almost severe with the depth of his emotion. And then, as he met my awed gaze, he broke into a breathtaking smile of exultation.

They are finally married!

Chapter 4 Gesture

The wedding moved to the reception that Alice has so elegantly put together. Hugs were shared and families were united, wolf and vampire. Bella meets the Denali clan for the first time and in particular Tanya, who had once fancied Edward.

Pictures were snapped, the cake was cut and Edward precisely removed Bella's garter with his teeth (Sigh.) The music begins and the happy couple takes a spin on the dance floor. She has a touching moment with Charlie on the dance floor and then Edward reveals to Bella how beautiful she really looks when she refers to herself as simply ordinary. Edward then has a surprise wedding gift for her. Jacob.

Jacob, who has gone into hiding, dances with Bella and brings her world into full circle. Then the two begin to discuss the "honeymoon" and Jacob loses it. He gets very angry at the thought of Edward being with Bella in a sexual way while she is still human. He flips out on Bella and warns Edward that he will "kill him." Jacob is taken away by the other pack members leaving Bella a mess. She feels guilty for making him angry and for upsetting Edward.

The reception draws to a end and Alice sweeps Bella away from Edward to get her out of her dress. Emotions are high and Bella knows this may be the last time she sees a lot of these people again. Her and Edward take off on their honeymoon as she waves good-bye to everyone that she loves.

Beautiful! Stephanie did the most excellent job of painting the picture of the Cullen wedding in my head. It seems almost like a dream. The best part is that finally Bella has realized that marrying Edward was the best prize she could have ever won! She realizes this is where she belongs and this is how it should be.

I love the emotional moments with Charlie and Renee, but mostly Charlie. Bella has changed so much since she first came to Forks, but the one constant thing is that she loves her father and she feels bad about leaving him stranded so to speak. Charlie's "I'm too cool to cry" attitude is so adorable. I am actually looking forward to seeing these moments on camera.

Speaking of moments I want to see on camera...taking a garter off with his teeth? WHOA! Ok ladies, seriously, will you be able to handle watching Robert Pattinson take Kristen's garter off with his teeth? Not me! I love the subtle moments between the two and how comfortable she is with Edward, even when she is dancing.

Now to the negative. Jacob. It was a gallant gesture of Edward to track Jacob down and even more so for Jacob to actually show up. I don't blame this on Jacob at all. This incident is all on Bella. First of all, you do not get all flustered when your best friend, who happens to be madly in love with you, shows up to YOUR WEDDING! Kind of tacky if you ask me, but that besides the point. Why in the world would you even think it was ok to discuss your sex life with him?! Granted, Jacob should have kept his cool but I can see where he is coming from.

After the fact she claims to put Jacob in a tiny drawer and to shut him in tight. This is the best thing she could have done in the whole series. Honestly, she should have done this beforehand but there would not have been much of a story if she had. I just hate the way she constantly hurts the two of them, especially Edward. I'd like to shake her and say..."HELLO! Wake up you are with the most desirable man in the world!"

These are two of my favorite chapters (of course all things Isle of Esme take precedence) and I really hope there is absolutely NOTHING left out when it comes to filming. There are many parts of the book that Summit could do without but not this one. Stephanie so particularly describe the scene and it has to be perfect or it will be ruined. Good luck with that guys!

So it's discussion time! What were your thoughts on the wedding? How do you feel about the wedding's significance in the movie? What about the whole Jacob disaster? Do you think Bella was in the wrong to get so personal with Jake at her wedding? Did she cross a line? Was it Bella's safety Jake was concerned for or was it just pure old fashioned jealously? Let's get a discussion going and of course you have the chance to choose your team colors...Happy Reading!


  1. I don't think Edward tracked Jacob the book when Bella asked Jacob when he decided to come he told her he didn't really, he just started wondering back this way and then decided to come and really had to run, he didn't think he would make it, but he did. Other then that I think you did a good job talking about these chapters. Oh yeah...Team EDWARD! <3

  2. Yeah you're right...ha ha I guess it was Edward's gift to Bella not to kill Jacob when he started acting like an ass

  3. I think the wedding was fantastic in the book, Bella dropped all her defances and for the first time really enjoyed being adored by Edward. Lets hope the film is as moving and romantic as the book, it will be hard. With jacob its not just jealousy that rules his head its also the fact that he knows that after the honeymoon bella might get her wish and become a vampire and this scares jacob because she will be one of them and its jake job to protect his people from these vampires and probably kill them. Bella will not be an exception to the rules. I liked that jake came to the wedding it showed that he is trying, but in the end he just couldnt accept it and left. Bella also needed that closure which she seemed to accept for now!!. I have such high expectations for this film, it was amazing in my mind while reading, hope Stephanie has a major input to getting this perfect. Team Edward..... no team Jacob.... no Edward.............................

  4. So far on what I have been reading, Stephanie has had a strong presence when scenes are filmed. A lot of folks have been stressing b/c there have been a lot of reports that Bella's wedding dress is ugly but I think in order to keep in line with the book it should be something out of Anne of Green quote Stephanie. SO I mean maybe it won't be very modern but neither are Bella and Edward. I agree with you I think Jacob is mostly concerned for Bella's safety and also he doesn't want her to become a vampire...although there HAS to be a little jealously in there somewhere. Thanks for your input!

  5. I loved the wedding, I could almost see it happening. They have to put every part of the wedding in the movie, that's what I think. Jacob was just worried about Bella's saftey and the last thing he wants is for her to become a vampire. Bella Really shouldn't have talked about very personal things (involving Edward) to Jacob, that's what ticked him off. He was mostly protecting Bella, but he probably had some jealously. Vampire-TEAM EDWARD JACOB<3

  6. I love this part of the book so much. The wedding was absolutely perfect. I look forward to see the Cullen house all decorated for the event. I wonder if they will put in the movie the part about Mike having lusty thoughts about Bella. I can't wait to see the dress. I don't want to see any pictures of it before the movie. I want to be surprised. I think it was a great thing that Jacob came to the wedding but with doing that he should have just admitted his defeat and let alot of things go. They are both at fault for what happened. He shouldn't be so naive to think that the newlyweds wouldn't be intimate on their honeymoon, and Bella should have kept her mouth shut about it. She should have just accepted the dance as what it was and then put Jacob in her little drawer. Seriously, what did she think his reaction would be? She aggrivates the heck out of me. She has used and abused Jacob ever since the day they "re-met" on the beach at La Push. Well, I don't want to start ranting so... look forward to the next chapters. :)

  7. Agreed...sometimes Bella does the dumbest things. I think she has good intentions but she just does dumb things. I personally agree that Jake is just concerned but I know part of him is madly jealous. He also knows how to push Bella's buttons which he did in Eclipse and a few times in Breaking Dawn. But then again I get kinda irritated at Edward too...he needs to speak up and be like hey you are being crappy to me and I don't like it

  8. Ok let me start off by saying that the dreamy pictures that steph created with this book are so vivid and just plain awesome. I can almost smell the beautiful flowers and feel the warmth of a marriage. I can see Edwards adoring face watching his wife walk down the isle. Its so dreamy! The lights in the yard, the party about to begin. Bellla and Edward make such a beautiful couple!
    But then I got to your comments about poor Jake, He only almost fights Edward because he knows Bella will die. His one true love will be crushed because in his eyes Edward needs a peice. I can see being pissed about that. I know EVERYONE on this sight is team Edward but I truly am caught in this everlasting struggle between the two! and Jake deserves a voice :) Through tears I read again how Jake knows he needs to be there for Bella but is dying inside because he cant make his feeling go away, His pain is set aside so he can make her smile again. I am always so glad to have him back! Just a few more chapters till the book of Jacob! YAY YAY YAY :) am I driving a hot poker in anyones side?? :)
    But on a side note I have thouroughly enjoyed this thanks for brining it to us every week!

  9. Haha I love ur team Jacob even u know the majority are not...honestly though I agree I think his anger was more directed at his concern for Bella, but you have to admit there is some jealousy in there somewhere. I'm not so hard on Jacob n breaking dawn b/c he finally learns his place and let's Bella be. Thank u so much for coming by and reading:)

  10. Lol btw I actually took it easy on Jacob this time ;)

  11. I know I know! LOL :) Yeah jealousy is a nasty thing isn't it!? Gotta get 2 readin the next chap's :)

  12. Make sure you tell all ur friends in the fandom to join us...I may have to rep team Jacob to light a fire under some of these folks...haha yeah I can't believe I just said that

  13. I'm gonna remind you, you said that :)!!!!!!! JK That's what i've been hopeing for but no one will take the bait. I'll try to round up some of my Team Jake's. Hey I saw a pap pick of Tay leaving a resuraunt and he had a small stache and beard I wonder if they're gonna make him all straggley <(sp) After being on the run for so long!!? What'dya think? I wonder if we'll get anymore pics once they're on a closed set :( I dont want to go back to missing Rob!

  14. That would make sense....he looks so much better with a scruffy face. Speaking of closed sets...did you see that video from that show in Brazil that went into the Isle of Emse shooting and recorded. Of course Summit has taken it all off of YouTube but what I saw was FABULOUS!

  15. I know right. I've learned you have to be quick on ur fingers if u want to see the good stuff! I love Taylor he's super sexy, but I dunno about the hair I guess it'll grow on me since he a "Man" now *wink wink*! I cannot even tell you how excited I am about the crew behind the scenes from director to cinematographer I think its gonna be better than we even imagined!

  16. I agree...I almost think I spoiling for myself with all these pics but really when they start filming in baton rouge (tomorrow I heard) we won't get to see anything. I do hope we will get some great press and photo shoots out of this. I need lots of Kris n rob photo shoots. Summit really dropped the ball on eclipse promos bc there was hardly no good pr compared to twilight. I ver excited about the movie...I'm thinking it will be great!

  17. Yeah I kow what you mean I tell myself every time that I'm not gonna watch anything an then it starts pouring in and I just cant help myself. I over did it with New Moon an then I couldnt really get into the movie, thought it was alittle overboard for new moon then there was virtually nothing for Eclipse. I love all the photo shoots for Twilight, the infamous vanity fair shoot comes to mind :) I'm counting on cast outings to get me through the next couple months! I kinda thought it would be that way though, how cant it no. Wonder when Bill Congdon will give us something?!

  18. I am not sure. Hopefully he will be a kind soul and hook us up as much as possible. I have heard security has been extremely tight especially now with that horrible show in Brazil sneaking around the set the way they did. Although I will admit I enjoyed seeing Kris and Rob as Edward and Bella. It was nice. A little invasive but nice. :)

  19. LOL Agreed! I'm sure it was annoying for them!