Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kellan Lutz's Resolutions

People Magazine interviewed Kellan Lutz at the premiere the Las Vegas nightclub, "The Cosmopolitan and Marquee." He has two New Years resolutions: spend more time with family and to eat better. He looks good to me, but says that he snacks a little too much at night.

"First off, Lutz, 25, hopes to spend a little more face-time with his family this year.

And though he’s known for his chiseled chest and hot beach body, his other goal for 2011 is to be even more disciplined: “I want to eat better,” he says.
So what are his food vices? “I keep saying I want to quit candy, and I slowly digress [to increase] the candy intake,” he says. “I eat late at night all the time, and I want to cut that back – and get more sleep. I live right across from Jack in the Box, so that’s not good.”


  1. ewww not liking that awful suit!! But Im gonna work on my beach bod too hahhahah lol

  2. the only resolution he should make would be to never wear that god awful outfit again or his hair that way...I love him so much but this looks just isn't working for me. He's Emmett..not James Bond

  3. OK, Emmett is just a character..Kellan dresses this way..and you have to respect that I think.