Sunday, January 2, 2011

Taking It Back to the Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 17&18

Jacob: Chapter 17 What Do I Look Like? The Wizard of Oz? You Need a Brain? You Need a Heart? Take Mine. Take Everything I Have.

"He has one of the purest, sincerest, kindest minds I’ve ever heard. You’re lucky to have his thoughts to share." - Edward Cullen on Seth Clearwater

Jake takes off in a Cullen car after he blows up on the inside when he realizes that he has lost Edward as his ally. Jacob and all of his anger take the Aston Martin Vanquish to Tacoma to relieve some steam. He doesn't really have any reason, he just knows he needs to get away.

Jake decides he is going to go on a mission to find the woman he will imprint on...the one who will make him forget all about that other chic...ya know what's her name. :) So he goes to the park to set out on his hunt. He starts looking when he locks eyes with the most beautiful girl there, but when he starts to really look at her...all he sees is Bella. This was a bad idea...he will never find his soul mate in a park. So he heads back to LaPush.

He meets Lizzie...the cute red-headed, freckled face girl. She impresses Jake by speaking cars with him. He thought she was pretty and her smile was adorable...but not enough. So he heads back towards the Cullen house.

When he pulls the borrowed car back into the garage he finds Edward there waiting for him. He was there to discuss Leah and how she blew up at Bella for putting Jake through hell. Edward was angry. Jacob was impressed that Leah would stick up for him like that.

Edward goes on to explain to Jake that now they have an inclination as to what the child wants which is making it easier on Bella. Also he informs him that they are planning on getting the baby out soon because it doesn't have any room to move. He asks Jacob's permission to change break the treaty.

At first Jacob says it is Sam's responsibility as the alpha to make that decision but Edward explains it is Jacob's because it was his grandfather that made the treaty to begin with. He told him he would change Bella anyway but he did wish to have his permission because he felt as if the two had a bond that he didn't want to go against.

Before giving his decision, he goes inside to speak to Bella. He looks at her and not quite sure if he could ever look at her as his enemy. So he decides. He grants permission to Edward to save Bella's life and turn her into a vampire.

As Bella was getting up to take a walk...she bends over in pain. Then all of the sudden she screams and starts vomiting a fountain of blood...

Chapter 18 There Are No Words For This.

"How many times had I imagined her naked? Now I couldn’t look. I was afraid to have these memories in my head."

The baby is begging to get out of Bella's body. Everyone is thinking quick on their feet and Jacob is freaking out! Rosalie and Edward strap Bella down and he begins to stab her with syringes. The baby is suffocating because the placenta is detaching.

Blood, blood, and more blood as Bella screams for someone to save the baby. Rose springs into action ignoring Edward's request to let the morphine spread and slices Bella open to get the baby out. Blood pours out and Rose loses her focus. She smells the blood and realizes she is very thirsty but before she could attack Jacob launches on her.

In the midst of his attack she stabs him with the scalpel and he gives her a blow to the face then drop kicks her stomach, crashing her through the wall. Alice then takes over and gets Rosalie away from the action.

Jacob turns back to Edward who demands he start CPR on Bella to make sure she keeps breathing. Then Bella's spine breaks and Jacob continues CPR while Edward rips the baby from Bella's frail and limp body. When Edward pulls the baby out they realize that Bella had been wrong...the baby was a girl.

Bella barely comes to and asks to see the baby and then her eyes rolled back in her head and her heart stopped beating. Edward hands off the baby to Rosalie and pushes Jake out of the way so he can stab a syringe full of his venom directly into her heart. Then Edward begins to bite her all over her body, almost kissing her, spreading his venom through her as quickly as possible.

Then that was it. Her heart wasn't beating anymore and Jacob didn't feel the draw to her anymore. She was just a corpse. He was frozen. Edward yells at him to leave and tells him she isn't dead and that she will be fine. He continues to work on her.

Jacob leaves the room and goes the bottom of the steps where he finds Rosalie feeding the creature that has just took Bella's life. He walked over to the baby ready to spring into action and take its life when he did the exact opposite. He imprinted on the baby...all strings from everything else being cut at the moment he saw her...she was holding him where he stood.

Then breaking the moment Jacob hears the beating of a new heart. A changing heart.

WOWZA! What an insane last chapter....honestly not too much happened in Chapter 17 but I will hit the high notes. Jacob's little roadtrip for me was quite amusing. Did he really think he could go on a hunt to find a chic to imprint on? Seriously? I guess he is pretty desperate though. His life is pretty much in the crapper right now so he is grabbing at straws. His one ally in this situation has went over to the dark side...the girl he loves is dying...he split from his pack....and he is running around with a child and that child's sister who is just as mentally screwed as he is. I can cut him some slack.

Edward proves his loyalty and gentleman like ways when he asks for Jacob's permission....Gosh how can you not love this guy? He is so honorable. I mean we all know it wouldn't have mattered one way or the other because he would have done it with or without Jake's permission. But he wanted to do the honorable thing, because that is what Edward does.

Then there is Bella...Jacob just can't help but to love her. She just does it for him...well ok its not her its the baby inside of her. For the first time in this series and I know you Jacob fans will hate me for this...but for the first time in this series Jake does the honorable thing by granting Edward permission to change Bella. I was very proud of him at that moment.

Ok so chapter 18 nearly makes me puke but WHOA! So graphic. I am so curious to see how this will be portrayed on screen. This whole chapter is utter chaos. Gah it makes me sick how Rosalie is chomping at the bit to get her hands on that baby...geez could you be anymore obvious that you could care less if Bella wakes up or not. I am so glad Jacob got the chance to knock her straight in the face. She makes me sick.

Jacob gave a valiant effort...he really did, but it made sense...he couldn't keep fighting for Bella because the draw wasn't there. The baby was gone. It didn't make sense to him at the time and it didn't make sense to me as a reader until I figure out that he imprints on a baby (yes...still weird.) I couldn't imagine being in his shoes trying to work around this bloody and battered body while some guy covers her in bites. A little awkward I would think.

Ahhhh my dear sweet Edward. What a champ! He is always so focused and steadfast. He is like a machine and would stop at nothing to save the woman he loves. Where can I get one of these? I will however have a hard time watching him stab her with syringes. This is going to be a new side of Edward for all of us. In the past when Bella was injured he always had someone there to back him help him out. This is a focused and serious and maybe a little even panicked Edward that we will see and I am anxious to see how Rob pulls it off.

Discussion time kiddos! What do you think about Jacob's mission to imprint...did this make you laugh a little? What about your take on Edward asking Jake for permission to turn Bella? Honorable or kinda throwing it in his face? Ahhhh what about Rosalie & Jake's interaction? Did you love it when he kicked her butt? How will you be able to handle all the blood and gore of this birth scene? Do you want it true to the book or do you wish they would tame it down a bit? Get it going! I look forward to all of your comments!


  1. Ugh sad sad sad couldn't we have waited till after christmas for the death of Bella and the end of the book of Jake! I even cried this time too! how many times does that make 6??

    Ok Ok you forgot to mention Jake saw me in the park fell in love and totally forgot about what's her name! LOL why does she have to have red hair and freckles?and not brown long hair and brown eyes JK

    I love it when Jake gets to drive the after car it seems so fitting that he gets to when he keeps getting screwed over! he can really appreciate it :) It seems as though Jake really comes to terms with what is happening after this drive. He accepts that it may take a while but he can move through it.
    As for leah I was cheering her on, standing up to Bella someone had to say it right. Jake and Edward are too busy giving her everything, to realize she is killing them too!
    And Nasty is all I have to say about the next chapter , R U kidding me he ate the baby outta her I so hope that doesnt make it into the movie. I dunno how i would take Edward eating Bella in a very wrong way LOL :) And the Vomiting blood eww she sure was graphic!! And then Jake begging bella through tears to stay with him oh man I really hope that Taylor has the chops to protray this. whaddya think?? He's awesome dont get me wrong I just dont know if he can muster it up.
    I was sooo cheering when Jake kicks the Sh*t outta Rosalie she deserved every last bit of that and I almost wish edward woulda got in on that!! She makes me sick how vicious she is. And isn't it by all rights Edwards baby if Bella died Ugh hate her!!

    So I've heard that the birth scene will happen from Bella's prospective, I hope its not too gory but I really hope they stay pretty close to the book. the birth and renesmee will be the hardest thing to do. I just hope they can make the emotion stand out! Oh and I have been meaning to ask you, Do you think they will have Jake missing in the beginning of this movie. The end of eclipse left out Jake getting the invite and leaving. P.S. I love it in Eclipse when Edward writes in the Invite "Thanks for everything, For her" Cried like a baby......I cry alot dont I???

  2. Oh, God! I LOVE the chapters where Bella/Edward gives birth to Renesmee, and Bella becomes a vampire. Though I feel sorry for Jake before he imprints on Renesmee. At the very same moment I found it out; I hated him just as much as Bella did. But I got over it. Just like she did.

    Love Norway.

  3. I thought it was weird that Jake went looking for someone to imprint on. That was honnorable what Edward did. He asked for Jakes's permission to "change" her. That was great when Jacob kicked Rosalie's butt! I hope they tame the birth scene a bit in the movie! Too much action and blood......

  4. Edward is such a classy guy...that invite things made me a little teary eyed...Honestly from what I have been reading...they are pretty much leaving out a lot of the Jacob part of the book. Not really sure how they are managing that so yeah I do not think his presence will be known as much but of course like they did with Robin New Moon...he will pop up somewhere.

  5. Hanne...I get you there. I was kinda pissed at him too but then it all worked out. Renesmee brought all of the different parts of Bella's life together. It was touching

  6. Hey Im glad we all agree that it was too awesome that Jake kicked Rosalie's butt!!!!

  7. So sad about Jake! He always gets thrown by the wayside! But I dunno Glad I get to see lot's of sexy Edward!Did U see the cast is Back is LA.