Sunday, January 16, 2011

UPDATED: Rob At The Golden Globes!

Award season is here and our favorite Twilight hunk will be presenting tonight with Olivia Wilde. Peter Facinelli will also be in attendance tonight. His show Nurse Jackie is nominated...we will keep our fingers crossed.

It has been said that Kristen will not be attending with Rob but there has also been some rumors that she was trying to work it out to be there. Who would be a nice surprise. But our handsome hunk is said to be walking the red carpet and we will keep you updated through the night!

So for now we have the first rehearsal pic of Rob at the Globes...he is so adorable. Stay tuned!

And here he is.....

There must have been some smelly werewolves in the house...

Oh my that woman is TALL...he looks so short!

Robert Pattinson Arriving at the Golden Globes
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And now for his two lines ha ha....


  1. I love the pic of him laughing! He looks so handsome!! I knida liked him paired with olivia!! I know ur gonna strangle me for saying that :) He He

  2. He is soo HOT!!!!!

  3. Ha ha Kisses 4 Rob did you notice how when she came out he looked at her like "WTF kind of dress is that?" ha ha I loved it. Rob likes his chics low key and ones that rhyme with Tristen. HA HA

  4. HAhaha Yeah I caught that look. It was so funny like where the f**k do I stand?! Yeah ones that wear extreemly sexy dresses!! and sky high heels!!