Monday, January 17, 2011

Taking It Back to the Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 21&22

Bella: Chapter 21 First Hunt

"We have all eternity, and you're worried about the time it would take to walk to the back door?" - Bella Swan

On this day Bella has just gotten her new vampire legs. She was overcome with how different everything looked, smelled, and sounded like. Everything had changed. Everything except for how she felt about Edward. She loved him more now than she could ever imagine.

To keep everyone from going insane Edward is taking Bella on her first hunt, even though he control is mind boggling. Bella had wanted to see Renesmee for the first time but Edward suggested since she has a heart beat and warm blood that Bella hunt just to insure the baby's safety. He tells her that the baby is with Jacob and Bella finds this confusing and a little worrisome but Edward vows that she is perfectly safe.

Alice had dressed Bella in a tightly fitted blue silk dress. She wasn't sure if she were going hunting or to a cocktail party. Edward shows Bella how to jump out of the window and she gracefully follows even though she is rocking a pair or stiletto heels. Dang Alice. After her landing she immediately takes the shoes off and chucks them back inside. Her and Edward start to run.

When they come to the river, Edward suggested that they would jump. Bella followed suit and when she went to run across her beautiful dress split right up the front. To make herself more comfortable she ripped the dress so that it fell right at the top of her thighs.

They start to run and running became just as much of an excitement for Bella as it had for Edward. The ground felt like velvet on her bare feet and she effortlessly flitted in between the trees, beautifully and gracefully. Edward actually had to stop her before she left the country.

Once they stop, Edward suggest she try something easier for the first time. There were some elk near by. She was tracking the elk when all the sudden the burn in her throat was unbearable, but then she felt as if she were being followed and her natural instinct to protect herself forced her to rip a fierce growl from her chest at Edward. She automatically felt remorse and told him she had to get away.

Edward was shocked at Bella's freakish amount of control. He couldn't believe she was able to stop mid-hunt and walk away. Bella immediately apologized for growling at him but explained she just held her breath to get away from the humans because they could have been someone she could have known. She felt horrible for even allowing herself to think about attacking another human. Edward chuckled a bit throwing Bella off guard and he explained that she was so rational for her age and she shouldn't be doing any of this. Even mature vampires had a hard time stopping mid hunt.

Edward places his hands on her face and she simply forgets the fact that she is dying of thirst...well until he brought it up. So she finds a mountain lion and actually makes quite a mess of herself on her first kill. Edward tells her he had a hard time watching her wrestle a mountain lion but that she done perfectly.

They move on to deer. Bella was overcome with joy and pride as she watched Edward gracefully hunt. She was full and now she wanted to see her baby. Edward reaches out to kiss her and she couldn't fathom all of the emotions she was feeling. She practically attacked him, tackling him to the ground during their kiss. She was caught in the moment until Edward reminded her about Renesmee. She needed to see her baby.

Chapter 22 Promised

“Huh. I can see what everyone’s been going on about. You stink, Jacob.” - Bella Swan

Renesmee. Bella wanted to know everything about her. Edward explained how she was warm blooded with a steady fast heart beat and how she kept Bella's brown eyes and his bronze hair. He also explains how she seems to have a vampire's skin and prefers blood over human food but that she is increasingly intelligent. He also explains that Renesmee has her own way of communicating but that it would be easier to show her rather than to tell her.

He tells her that Jacob has not left her side and Bella finds this unsettling because she knows how adverse Jacob was to the idea of her. Edward makes a comment about wanting to kill Jacob and Bella fussed at him and he explained that she would understand but he promised he wouldn't tell.

They take off running to the house and Bella is racing Edward and she takes a giant leap and lands on her feet and hears a thudding heart. It was Jacob. He wanted to test how she was around him before she was around the baby. Why was he so concerned? She passed with flying colors. Edward and Jacob exchanged a few choice words and Bella was so confused and Jacob told her her would explain later. Edward holds tight as Bella takes a whiff at Jacob. She instantly tells him that she gets what everyone was saying...he stinks.

When she went in to see the baby everyone was acting extremely defensive. Especially Jasper. He knew how newborns could be and he was very cautious of the much in control Bella. Edward explained that she deserved some credit. He explained how she stopped mid-hunt when she smelled the humans and how she ran away from it. Jasper was so confused by her ability to control her emotions so well he said it was unnatural.

She finally sees the baby. Renesmee wants Bella. When Bella cradled the baby into her arms Renesmee reached up and touched her face. Instantly Bella saw herself covered in sweat and blood, she looked horrible. Bella was amazed that the baby had shown her the only memory she had of her. She loved her baby.

Jacob was so uneasy at the fact that Bella was holding Renesmee. Bella finally put the pieces together and he realized that Jacob had imprinted on her child! She asked Rose to take the child so she could pounce on Jacob's head or imprinting on her child. She immediately blew up at him. He explained how he couldn't help it, that it just happened. She ordered him to stay away from her and he told her he just couldn't do that.

Jacob goes on to explain how it was Renesmee keeping them together during her pregnancy. She was the reason he couldn't leave Bella's side. Then Jacob made an epic mistake. He called the baby Nessie. Bella lost it at the fact that he just referred to her baby as something similar to the Loch Ness monster and she lunged at his throat.

Talk about insane! A grown man imprinting on a newborn...well I have officially seen it all. Man I cannot wait to see Kristen try to attack Taylor...this will be amazing. I cannot wait to see the brute strength in vampire Bella. Not just her physical but her mental strength as well. I am so happy that when Stephenie write this she didn't make Bella some crazed newborn because honestly that wouldn't be Bella. Bella is always in control of her emotions as a human and I think that is is fitting that it go over into her vampire life.

The magnified emotion between Edward and Bella will be WAY too much to handle. I mean how could those two possibly love each other anymore than they already do? Its almost delightfully painful to imagine the amount of love they have for each other. Most definitely one of the moments on film I cannot wait to see. I cannot wait to see the two of them as equals...maybe Bella even a little stronger than Edward.

The hunting trip was beautiful in its own way. For me it just brought everything together. Bella had always wondered what Edward looked like while he was was like some weird fantasy has been lived out for her. And I even like the idea that Edward has a hard time watching her wrestle animals to the ground...I love when that aspect of their relationship doesn't change. Edward will always feel the need to protect her, even though she doesn't necessarily need it anymore.

The picture in my head of the two of them running and jumping together does bring me back to the bit from the New Moon movie where they were frolicking in the forest. Honestly, cheesy or not, that is how I pictured it. Its like something out of a fairy tale. Maybe a dark fairy take but this was Bella's version of a happily ever after and c'mon let's keep it real...who wouldn't want to spend an eternity with Edward (especially when he is played by the handsome Rob).

I have said it a billion times but I was so disturbed at first when Jake imprinted on the baby, but after reading again I get it. Renesmee is the glue that holds everything together and brings everyone in full circle. Her presence was necessary for Jacob to exist in Bella's world. I don't like the idea of Jake and Bella being together at all but I love the fact that she can have the man she loves and her best friend all at the same time. Seriously though, this is what Bella wanted. I mean maybe not under these certain conditions but this is what she wanted.

I am most looking forward to seeing Kristen playing a mommy and watching her hold this child for the first time. It will be such a beautiful thing. I also have to add that I am crazy over how smitten Edward is with her. He is so amazed by her and just in complete awe of this beautiful creature. We all know that won't be a hard role for Rob to play.

So a lot of interesting things happen in these two chapters. Lots to talk about! What do you think about Bella's abnormal control? Were you happy with that or did you picture her being a blood crazed newborn? Are you looking forward to seeing her attack Jake onscreen? What about your feelings about him imprinting...I know most of you think its weird but do you think it was necessary to keep Jake in Bella's life? What do you think about Renesmee's gift? How well do you think Summit will do when trying to pull this baby thing off? Anything else you want to add...comment below and let's get the discussion going!


  1. Ok first of all I love the first hunt, I also loved how she rips off her pretty blue silk dress and jumps. (which by the way I cant wait to see kristen in cuz she'll look Fab.) :) I did however hope she would go all animalistic and try to attack someone other than Jake :D ha ha ! But I loved how Bella wasn't anything more than ordinary in her real life and now she is anything but. All of her flaws righted who wouldnt want that?!

    ANd the whole Jake imprinting thing was so disappointing to me, Yeah I know that she modeled Jake after her Brother. But I just dont see the reason why she went sooooo weird with it. I really thought it would be ok if it was some weird vampire / werewolf friend ship! But I knew very early that he would imprint on her. I was glad that they would all be together forever, I Just think its really really really creepy!! AND I'm afraid to see all the wackos boycotting this movie. I so dont want that kind of attention!

  2. Thats why I think they should do a brief shot to the past and show that Jake isnt some child molester ya know. Man Kristen is gonna be smokin hott in this movie and I for one cannot freaking wait...but looks like we will have to wait until June 2012 to see that :( boo

  3. maybe they'll move it up!! :)ha ha Yeah right! what do u mean a shot of the past?? Like to quill?