Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Because He Is J.A.C.K.S.O.N.

J is for Jasper. Only a true southern gentleman could nail this and Jackson does *swoon*
A is for Alice, because Jackson should make Ashley his real life Alice :) hehe
C is for Cuts. Paper cuts to be exact...if you value your life...never get one around him.
K is for Kicking Butt, because he looks too sexy taking out newborns.
S is for Southern charm. He has it, I love it!
O is for Out takes. Yes, thanks to Jackson & Rob's more than fabulous out takes my computer has darn near crashed :)
N is for Nylon Magazine. One of my favorite photo shoots

R is for RED HOT smile! That smirk he has just melts me where I stand...
A is for Airbender. I watched just to see his handsome face
T is for Taking time for fans. Jackson is so good to all of his fans....even old ladies
H is for Hair. Dear Summit, give Jasper normal hair for Breaking Dawn please
B is for Bella...just make her a vampire already so he doesn't want to kill her
O is for Officer. My my how I love him in military uniform
N is for Nylon Magazine...did I already mention how much I love this shoot b/c I do
E is for Editing. Is there anyway to edit these movies to only show Jackson, Rob, Kellan and Kris? Hey a girl can wish :)

Mmmmm who will be next...


  1. B is for beautiful people, because he played in it and he is a beautiful person

  2. Agreed! I love him...he is such a super sweet guy too

  3. I Love the A=Alice one that is so true! They are just too cute together! way better than Joe!! And totally agree with the hair comment. PLs o PLS summit dont give him soccer mom hair!! I'd prefer his loong natural hair he is so sexy when its long!! But U hit the nail on the nose. 'cept j= Me come find me!! hahahhahaha