Saturday, February 5, 2011

Taking It Back to the Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 25&26

Bella: Chapter 25 Favor

“It’s all about balance, love. You’re so good at all of this, I don’t imagine it will take too long to put everything in perspective.”

“And we have all night, right?”
He smiled wider.

“Do you think I could bear to let you get dressed now if that weren’t the case?” - Edward and Bella

Bella has finally gotten to see what it is like to be with an Edward that doesn't have to hold back and she loves it. She loves it so much in fact that she has to be reminded by Edward that she has other priorities. Renesmee. Bella is briefly reminded that she is in fact a mother and this concept is still a bit much for her to grasp. Especially given her situation and the fact she did not have 9 months to prepare for the arrival of her brand new daughter.

Bella and Edward get dressed, once he shows her how to sniff out her clothing, and head toward the main house to find Renesmee. As soon as Renesmee laid eyes on Bella she instantly stopped in her tracks to see her mom. They both smile at each other and Renesmee pats Bella's cheek. Rosalie tells Bella that she has been demanding to see her all morning.
Bella's fears about Renesmee's rapid development were eased when she saw the slight changes that had taken place over night. The growth had definitely slowed down and this eased Bella somewhat.

Emmett takes a jab at Bella and Edward's sex life by asking if the cottage was still standing, but instead of losing her temper she shifted subjects in her head and asked about the wolves. Rosalie informs Bella that Jacob just ran out for no rhyme or reason. but that she wasn't complaining. They begin talking about the move they will all be making soon when Alice realizes where Jacob actually went. Jacob went to see Charlie.

Jacob come running up to the Cullen house all chipper and carefree. Bella instantly goes into attack mode. She knows what this will mean for Charlie. It could mean his life. Jacob explains that he sat there all morning listening to everyone talk about moving across country and he couldn't imagine them leaving with Renesmee. He figured that since keeping Charlie in the dark was the biggest obstacle that he would fix that.

Jacob actually phased in front of Charlie and explains to him that there are different things in this world he knows nothing about. He explains that Bella and the Cullens are "different" and if he wants to keep Bella in his life he needs to not ask questions and its on a need to know basis.

Edward is furious with Jacob and explains to him that Bella is no longer his concern and that he should have thought about how his actions were going to cause Bella an immense amount of pain. Jacob didn't realize that it would hurt her so badly to be around a human but he didn't stop to ask questions in fear that someone would stop him. No matter the consequences now...Charlie was on his way.

Bella is in panic mode and isn't so sure of herself around Charlie, or around any human. Edward reassures Bella that he has the utmost confidence in her that she will be able to handle this. This calms her down somewhat and Alice throws her a pair of brown contacts and Esme and the others give her a crash course in how to be human again.

After Bella gets her lesson Human 101, Edward explains to Renesmee that Charlie is different and she cannot allow him to see things the way she does everyone else and that she cannot bite him even if he makes her thirsty. She understands.

Charlie arrives and is shocked when he sees his daughter. His presence causes her throat to blaze with fire. She knew she couldn't hurt him because he was her father, He takes notice of Renesmee and everyone lied so easily about how she was Edward's niece and they were adopting her. When Charlie took a closer look at Renesmee he saw something. He saw Bella. He saw himself. Charlie was angry. He was tired of the lies and demanded to know the truth. Edward explains that he needs to know the public story for his own safety.

Emmett broke the tension by shouting at the TV with the football game. Everyone knows sports can get Charlie's mind off of anything....Thanks Em!

Chapter 26 Shiny

“Thank you, Dad. So much has changed so quickly. My head hasn’t stopped spinning. If I didn’t have you now, I don’t know how I’d keep my grip on—on reality.” - Bella Swan

Bella has made it through 2 football games and loads of tension without killing her father, maybe she can do this. He tells Bella that if she ever leaves, he wants her to come visit. He doesn't want to lose her if he doesn't have to.

He takes another last look at Renesmee and tells Bella how beautiful she is. The most beautiful baby he has ever seen. He instantly loves her just like everyone else. As Charlie leaves Bella is so wowed by herself and so is everyone else. She has skipped being a newborn all together.

Emmett made the comment that he wasn't sure if Bella were even a vampire at all, she was too tame. After all of the slight jabs and snide remarks he has made the whole day, this made Bella growl at Emmett. Edward had also brought to her attention of an agreement the two of them made when she was still human.

Oh it was on...Bella was challenging the ever so cocky Emmett to an arm wrestling match. The two made a bet. If Bella wins, Emmett has to stop cracking jokes at her sex life and if Emmett wins, it will definitely get a lot worse. The two pick a huge boulder outside the garage to start the match.

The match started out pretty evenly but this was only because Bella had her mind in other places. She was calculating math problems in her head when she decided she was bored with it and one flex of her muscles her powerful arm crashed his into the rock. She beat him. Emmett was so pissed and demanded a rematch.

Emmett was mad and punched the rocks shattering parts of it into pieces. Bella saw this and decided she would test out her new strength. She karate chopped the rocks splitting it into and giggling to herself at the same time. Then she heard other giggles. It was Renesmee. She enjoyed watching Bella let go and have fun.

Jacob began poking fun at Bella letting go and made the comment that Bella was supposed to me a wife and mother and have more dignity and Renesmee decided she wanted less dignity and more letting go. She wanted to try.

In the midst of crushing huge boulders, the sun poked through the clouds and Bella finally gets to see her skin in the sunlight. She is dazzled by herself and so is Renesmee. Jacob says she is freaky and Edward is positive she is the most amazing creature ever. For once, Bella had dazzled Edward.

It was at this moment that Bella finally realized she had become exactly what she was meant to be. It was like she was born to be a vampire. She had never been an amazing human. She was just average, but now she was amazing to them and to herself. She had an outstanding amount of control and she belongs in this world. She is right where she belongs.

Where to begin...First off, what in the heck was Jacob thinking? I guess his heart was in the right place but geez how could he not know how bad of an idea this was? Or mostly how hard it would be for Bella. I guess when you're a dog you have to act on instinct and not brain power. HA HA!

Even though his decisions were rash and not very well laid out, it worked out for the best. It made me so happy that Bella is going to be able to have her father in her life. Honestly, that was the most bittersweet part of the deal. When Bella became a vampire she was gaining a whole new life....a whole new family, but at the cost of her own. Now she was having her cake and eating it too. I was so happy for her and even more happier for Renesmee. She gets to have her grandpa. She gets to have all of her family.

I love Charlie's nonchalant attitude about the whole thing. I mean...HELLO a boy just shifted his human body into wolf form! Shouldn't you be more than freaked out?! He is so cool about the whole thing and I guess its mostly because he figured Bella was an odd duck from day one. Wonder if he had any idea that while he was having casual conversation his daughter was focusing on not draining his body of every drop of blood.

I do have to say that the rude comments from Emmett are too funny. I am all too excited to see Kristen and Kellan exchanging these moments on film. Mostly looking forward to seeing her whip his butt in arm wrestling. Ha ha just imagine a tiny little Kristen and a HUGE Kellan. Too much!

Now to my favorite part of these two chapters...I am completely swooning over here when I read how amazed Edward is by Bella. I can only imagine how badly I will swoon once I see it on camera. Its hard enough to handle the way he looks at her in real life but O.M.G. when he looks at her as Edward...PHEW too much! I like that the playing field between these two has somewhat evened out. Even if Bella doesn't think so, it has.

Discussion time Twilighters! What do you think about Jake's decision to get Charlie to come over? Was it insane that he phased right in front of you agree with his method of just ripping the band-aid instead of slowly pulling it off? How do you feel about Charlie being able to be in Bella's life? Awesome or too dangerous? Should they tell Renee or leave her in the dark? Do you think Stephenie should have wrote a part where Bella broke bad on Emmett like she did on Jake? Which part of these two chapters are you most looking forward to on film? How awesome is it for you that Edward is "dazzled" by Bella finally?! Get it going and keep it rolling...Sweet Twilight Dreams ;)


  1. At first I was worried but in the end wasnt it a Great Idea!!!! I mean there's no way he could let them leave. Only a true wolf lover could see that!! I think Jake knew Charilie is a seer believer kind of guy and he did what was needed to get him to pay attention. I was however suprised in Charlie's reaction, I mean really why would Bella's father and the cheif of police ever be so calm about that??!! Some aspects of his book I was so disapointed she was always working us up for some huge fight or death, then it just fizzled everytime. I didnot understand it!

    I personally cant wait for all of Emmett's inuendo's, Oh and the part after their steamy first night when Bella jumps up her head turnig back and forth a thousand times trying to decide between Hot sparkle man or her beautiful baby! And I'm real interested to see just how the age progression with renesmee works out.

    Dont you love how Bella's life has come full circle? Wonder if they will stay true to the whole book and have all the "love" cottage action! Ugh and I cant even tell u how jealous of her closet I am :)
    Ok I think thats it :) Good chaps! Glad u had alittle break !

  2. I think maybe Steph should write a spin off book on how Charlie is some mythical creature as well which is why he was so chilled about it all lol Yeah ok Im grasping at anything to get another book out of her. And you are right...she does that a lot. She gets you all worked up and excited and then BAM! Nothing happens ha ha

    Ha ha yes exactly about the head twist thing...I imagine her looking just as described...a cartoon. Ya know me and my friend were talking about Kristen the other day and about how she has a tick. Well a couple actually and how almost every role she plays you know its her (which can be good or bad) but she is really going to have to step it up with being vampire Bella b/c she cant be having those ticks. Vampire Bella is much more graceful and smooth vs human Bella. So Kristen's little ticks worked for human Bella b/c lets face it they have a lot in common...but vampire Bella...well she is gonna have to turn the acting skills up a notch to pull it off. No doubt in my mind that she cant

    Thanks dearie! I needed a takes forever to write these and where I work so much during the week its pretty crazy. Anywho...I am in the process of looking for a new camera ya know just in case ;)

  3. Haha yeah gracefully bitchy ROFL! She is so much more pissed as a vamp its really funny to me!! I never really thought about that, her tic's. But it is so true, That part will be really hard for her. 'cept she's pretty gracefull in that new video of hers! But I dont like the wierd hand thing she's doing it creeps me out!

    Ok so Lets say Charlie was a mythical creature...... what would he be a fairy? a Minotaur (haha)? Hmmm How bout El Chupacabre hahahhahahhahaha Rofl :) :D

    And U better fix yo camera. "cuz someones Banana seat is waiting for ya!

  4. HA HA I need a video camera for that one :) HA HA

    I think Charlie would be a troll ha ha dont ask me why...I could just see him standing at a bridge refusing to let people through unless they answered a riddle or some crap like that...Or maybe a Centaur he looks like a horse guy...ha ha

    Yeah she needs to get rid of the hands in the hair...biting of the lip and the breathing weirdly between all of her words...then she will nail it. The breathing thing will be hard b/c vampire Bella does not have to breath. She might need to work on that one :)

  5. I knew Bella wouldn't be crazy around Charlie. I loved those chapters!!! Can't wait to see them in the movie!!!!

  6. OMG A Troll?? Hahahahahahhahahaha that is HI-Larious!! .......Yes u do need a video camera cuz u know I want a copy!! yeah somehow she needs to learn how to change all the crazy cute things about her! And make them into beautiful fluid movements maybe she should hand with ashley more!!

  7. Ahhhh no! I mean I love Alice and I love Ashley but she is not a very good actress...I mean she has her moments but the only thing Kristen could pick up from her is how to be more girly that's about it. Gosh I sounded mean and im sure that will piss someone off but its the facts...I mean take New Moon for example the whole birthday party..."show me the love" EEEEKK! that was pretty bad and well basically all of New Moon she was bad...Eclipse was better and Twilight well it was ok...Im hoping by Breaking Dawn she will be on a whole other level :)

  8. Charlie would be a bad ass troll....with a badge...

    Oh btw are you so sure you would like to see the video? Im just saying you should think hard about that HA HA

  9. I have a great imagination, Not too hard to substitute myself in there! And My oh MY someone has some major opinions about Ashley!! Tell me again how much u hate her come on "Show me the love" hahahhaha! I like Ashley Twilight and Eclipse better than Ashley New Moon. Ur so funny a troll with a riddle badge :)

  10. Ashley is beautiful and sometimes that is all you need. So Im Showing her the love *with my serious acting face on* ha ha

    Do trolls like baseball and fishing? I mean if they dont I suppose the troll life is out of the question for Papa Swan

  11. Or maybe U should use ur seeing visions face!!! HAHAHHAHA

    Better yet are trolls bad cooks?

  12. Lets just picture this a Man troll with an 80's porn stache, Great hair, a badge, and mini forks PO cruiser! Yes I'd pay to see that!