Thursday, February 3, 2011

K.R.I.S.T.E.N....Its All In The Name!

K is for Kicking off those horribly uncomfortable heels and rocking the Converses
R is for Rob's heart...yeah sorry ladies she totally stole it
I is for Isabella Swan because no one else could play her any better.
S is for Simple Beauty. I know no one who can make a hoodie look so beautiful
T is for Twitter...Kristen believes its the devil (if you weren't such a ninja we wouldn't need it) :)
E is for Effin Rockstar...we all know NO ONE could have played Joan any better
N is for NEVER letting Hollywood make her someone she isn't

S is for Sharing. Does Kristen even have a wardrobe? She's always wearing Rob's *swoon*
T is for Tean Bella. Yeah I'm on it.
E is for Eating Flaming Hot Cheetos. So she likes her Cheetos like her men...HOT
W is for Welcome to the Riley's...stripper Stew....enough said HA HA
A is for Always in the kitchen making pies
R is for Robsten's MTV interview, the beginning of something incredible
T is for Taxis. This girl could run and duck in a taxi quicker than anyone I know...Ninja Stew

Ahhhh I love the Stew! Major fangirling going on here!


  1. I totally love this..KStew is awesome!! :D I love how she is just herself and doesn't care what others think..on Inside Edition I think they said she made the most money out of all the actresses..28 million

  2. Yeah I have to admit this is my #1 and only girl crush. I am completely enamored by her.

  3. Seems alittle Onesided?? ROBSTEN getting all the <3 hahahahaha

  4. mmmmmm yeah but TomStu got loving in all three lol see how I sneaked that in