Friday, February 4, 2011

Let's Talk Some T.A.Y.L.O.R.

T is for Taylor Swift...judging by her song she had the "puppy" love HA HA *ok I'm a dork*
A is for there anything else on his body? I see nothing else :)
Y is for Your smile....even I have to admit its heavenly
L is for Losing. You did lose the girl but cheer got the baby :)
O is for Only a movie. *chanting to myself* I will not let my hate for Jacob project on you :)
R is for Runaways Premiere. I love how you support Stewie!

is for Love of BILLIONS of tweens (and mom's) everywhere!
A is for Ankles....yeah I said ankles...the boy has nice ankles HA HA
U is for unleashing the beast when Edward pushes Jacob around.
T is for TomStu...still lurking ;)
N is for Nessie...a little weird but in the wider scheme of things I love it
E is for eating a billion beef patties to create the work of art that is your mid-section...just saying
R is for Rolling Stones cover...I felt wrong for loving it so much!

See I can play nice with Team Jacob fans too :) Sweet Twilight Dreams everyone!


  1. I can see u tried really hard but like I said I shoulda wrote it!! Ha HA :) But I too love the rolling stone shoot OMG and the GQ shoot!!

  2. Nowhere near as good as Robs GQ shoot

  3. hey his awesome no matter what anyone says

  4. TonStu? What does that stand for?