Monday, February 21, 2011

Look Out VanCity! Ninja Stew and Rob Have Arrived!

After spending a short time in L.A. Rob and Kris landed in Vancouver today to join the rest of their cast mates to finish up filming the final installment of the Twilight Saga. It has been rumored that the two flew in on a private jet to escape the papz. Even fabulous folks like Kristen and Rob still have to go through customs and that's where the cameras started snapping.

According to on-lookers, Kristen made a run for it with a jacket over her head while Rob sauntered behind to take all the heat. Awwww such a gentleman. Rob was snapped sporting a vintage MTV letterman about luck for MTV, having such a beautiful face advertising for them. It is so sad that I can tell you almost every single article of clothing in this man's wardrobe...I love his humbleness.

Hopefully the folks in Vancouver will keep us updated with as many set pics as possible.

Check out all of the pics here.

{via Robert Pattinson Life}


  1. OMG Rob looks stunning and i am loving his hair!!

  2. he is soooo gorgeous. Too bad the banana seat only fits two ha ha <3 ya