Monday, February 21, 2011

First Photos of Edward & Bella's Cottage...Looks Sturdy Enough

This adorable replica of Edward and Bella's "love shack" looks plenty sturdy enough to make it through Bella & Edward's vampire "loving." We have already seen the Swan House that is ready for Christmas time but I was real excited to see the cottage.

I love when they film in Vancouver because we are always getting excellent pics from these guys. All of the cast is comfortable there as well so maybe we will finally get to see the cast out together. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Geez I can't help but to get a little sappy about the end being so near. This is the final leg of the installment and once they are finished filming in Vancouver...that's it. :( It's just too much...let's enjoy it while we can.


  1. That's a decent sized cottage. Bigger than what I imagined when I read the description in the book.

  2. Me too......what shannon said. But it is the cutest love shak. I ust cant wait to see what went on in there hahahahah :)