Monday, February 14, 2011

Offical Twilight Valentine's Tweet of Isle Esme

We knew a pic was coming....honestly after the last sneak peek they gave us...this is nothing. But in true Twi fan fashion...we take what we can get! The official Twilight Saga Twitter page tweeted this lovely teaser pic of Isle Esme for Valentine's Day.

These guys aren't going to give anything away are they? Actually when the announcement was made that they would be showing a pic today I was nervous. I was terrified that they would show a pic of the wedding. It would have been impossible for me not to look, but that is one part of this movie I am not wanting to know about. I want no spoilers. I want to be blown away when I see it.

What about you guys? Would you have wanted to see the wedding? Would you have made yourself not look?

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at


  1. I was imagining we rode there on his schwinn HAHHAHHAHA :D

  2. I totally agree with you, I don't want to se the wedding, but I know I wouldn't be able to recist...

  3. Ha!!! Not quite what I had in mind but as long as I dont have to use ur crappy camera LOL :D