Friday, February 11, 2011

Rob Singing Babies To Sleep?

According to an insider, it has been said that not only will Rob be playing Renesmee's lullaby (which has been confirmed) but he will be singing it as well on film! What?! Ok ladies let's take it back to Twilight when we remember how much we were swooning over just hearing his voice. Imagine how insane it will be to actually get to see him sing! Not only is he singing but its too his little girl! Just way too much awww factor for me. I may very well need to be mopped up off the floor.

For right now until it is confirmed...we will take this with a grain of salt and hope and pray its true! Now the kicker would be for Kristen to join in and we could have a duet ha ha! Maybe we should bring back the Joan Jett mullet :) WHOA! Just kidding on that one folks...that was a dark time for Kristen's hair, I shouldn't even joke about it :) ha ha

So what do you think about Rob singing to Mackenzie? Will you have a hard time maintaining composure?

{via MissMackenzie}


  1. OMG!!!!! I am totally dying!! I cant even think straight!! I think I actually fainted alittle!!! HAHAHA :D

  2. Ahhhhhh!
    I love this blog(:
    Im a new twilight fan... I was living under a bubble.
    Cnt wait to see breaking dawn! Esp. If he'll be singing!