Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Everything R.O.B.E.R.T.!

R is for Robsten (my favorite 6 letter word) in Rio!
O is for ostentatious...Its how I like my Cullen boys
B is for the Brit Pack! They are too much for me to handle!
E is for Everything Edward!
R is for Rob for president?! He seemed interested and I'm sure I would vote for him!
T is for Tom, because he's always there...lurking, but we LOVE him!

P is for porn....not just any porn, but JAW PORN!
A is for Apple...no other apple has looked sexier than when it was in Rob's hand
T is for Twilight, because without it...we may not have gotten to know Rob as well
T is for Taken....no explanation necessary :)
I is for Insanely jealous...exactly what I feel when I see how lucky Kristen is to be Bella
N is for Nike's...I never thought a tennis shoe could look that hot
S is for Snap....for every single beautiful picture ever taken of this man
O is for Only human...I really wish the tabloids would give this guy a break
N is for Non-stens....see "R" above HA HA

This was just something fun I wanted to do. Maybe I will do some other cast members...Have a Happy Twilight Day!


  1. S= Sexy MoFo!!!!! hahhahahaha I Luv It!!! Oh and have a very merry Twi day too!! :D

  2. Ha ha well I mean I could have took this to a whole other level but I figured I should keep it PG :)

  3. oh yeah!! I have some X rated ideas too LOL!!

  4. Ha ha tooo funny! I am not sure I am ok with you thinking like that about my husband HA HA

    Thanks Stephie!