Sunday, February 20, 2011


So, if you haven't heard about it yet, the most recent Twilight role-playing in the news was in Marathon, Florida, which is in the south. She's 15 years old and claimed that while jogging, as assailant came out of the bushes, attacked her and tried to take her shirt off. The police realized the bite marks could not have been from that kind of attack. She later admitted that she lied and the bite marks came from her 19 year-old male neighbor. She told her mother and the police the jogging story because she did now want to get into trouble for role-palaying. The male neighbor was not charged because it was consentual. Thanks to rute for posting this story.

The question is do you think The Twilight Series has a bad effect on young people, or is it just immaturity?

So, as Devil's Advocate, Twilight is a bad example for these such behaviors. This is not the first time this is happened and the person behind it said they got the idea from The Twilight Series. There have always been movies where kids role-play what the see on the big screen or read in a book. From Lord Of The Rings to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, young people will fight and do whatever they think is cool and then show it off to their friends. However, these actions are dangerous for everyone involved, the person who does the biting and the person being bit. Don't they understand that diseases can be spread this way?

Of course, many Twilight fans will say it is immaturity, which makes sense because not everyone does it. What do our readers think?


  1. Some of it is immaturity and lack of supervision by the parents. Parents need to talk to their children about these books and ave them understand that it is fake. There is no excuse for this behavior at all. If they want to role play then they can do it in a safe manner and not actually hurt someone

  2. Personally i think its ridicules that people act out things from Twilight i mean yeah its an amazing saga but who in their right mind would want to be bitten ??

  3. OMG You really post it. Thank you so so much!

    I think that parents need to talk to their children and explain that's all fiction nothing more.

  4. Not a problem rute, thanks everyone for posting.

  5. I think as long as your a "good" parent and talk about things, monitor what they read and watch, and keep the comminucation lines open. I know certain age kids will do what they feel, but still supervision is key.