Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Vampires (and Half Ones) Are Coming To Town!

Looks like we have finally gotten a pic of little Ms. Mackenzie. Looks like papz snapped her arriving in Vancouver today. She looks too adorable in her hoodie, jeans, and who does that remind you of? LOVE IT!

MyAnna Buring (Tanya Denali) was also spotted arriving in VanCity. Now my question is...isn't Tanya supposed to be strawberry blond? Please more wigs.

Seriously though all of the characters had the best hair in Twilight (minus Jacob) because let's face was a low budget film and they didn't throw a wig on everyone just because they didn't want to dye their hair, but now half of them wear wigs and they look ridiculous. You guys remember G.I. Jane? Demi Moore straight up shaved her hair...that's dedication. You can always dye your hair back...just saying :)

UPDATE: Mia Maestro (Carmen Denali) has also arrived in VanCity


  1. OK, so it's Tanya, our little princesse, but who is the third?