Monday, March 7, 2011

In True Twilight Fashion....

Twi fans flocked to The Official Twilight Convention, so jealous by the way, to feed the obsession that is Twilight. Pictures have been surfacing all weekend from the convention. Fans have been tweeting unofficial photos of costumes for Edward, Bella, and Jacob.

It has been said that the costumes on display at the convention will be used in Breaking Dawn, specifically the hunting scene. Of course nothing is official or has been confirmed but fans seem to be pretty confident these are recent pieces.

Looks like poor Rob will have to endure yet another gray coat…thank goodness its not the dreaded PEACOAT! Kristen will look super hot in those leggings and even I will say that I wouldn’t mind seeing Taylor in that stylish ensemble.

C’mon Summit! We need more! Throw us a bone…we deserve it!

{via MallChick}

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