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Taking It Back to the Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 31&32

Bella: Chapter 31 Talented

“A mind reader for a father, a shield for a mother, and then whatever magic this extraordinary child has bewitched us with..." - Eleazar

The Cullens are on the prowl for witnesses. Anything to give their family a fighting chance. Renesmee has already convinced the entire Denali clan to witness and not just witness but to do battle, if needed. They instantly fell in love with her.

As the shock wears off and everyone seems to settle in, Eleazar takes notice of the wonderful talents the new Cullen family have. Even Bella. This comes to a shock to Edward because no one had realized that Bella had any sort of talent. She thought she was just as ordinary as a vampire as she was a human, but just as she was so much more than ordinary as a human, she was even greater as a vampire.

Eleazar shared with everyone that Bella's gift was a shield. She could block people with her mind. He took note that if she could even block as a human, her power as a vampire would be much greater. Eleazar was in disbelief that Bella had this amazing power and was using it subconsciously and knew nothing of it.

He began questioning Bella to see if she has ever tested her talents. She explained that her head was her private place and when she didn't want someone to know what was going on in it she protected it. Her brain is on that different frequency remember?

Edward and Eleazar begin to discuss the possibilities and began to compare Bella to Renata, Aro's personal bodyguard. Eleazar explains how she protects against physical damage and never leaves Aro's side.

Kate begins asking Bella if she has ever projected and of course Bella is confused because she just realized she had this power, but Kate wanted to know if she had ever tried to protect someone other than herself. This is when Bella finds out that Kate is talented in the way Jane is, although she isn't demented about it.

Bella's brain goes into overdrive and she has finally found a glimmer of hope that maybe she could protect her family. She immediately began to beg Kate to teach her how. So wrapped up into learning how to save her family Bella misses the exchange between Edward and Eleazar. Edward was reading his mind and they began having a conversation that no one gets until Edward explains.

Eleazar was recalling how Aro would only attend executions when the coven being punished had something or someone he wanted. When he found something he wanted, he would find any reason to claim the coven has broken the law so he could execute the ones that meant nothing to him and offer a pardon to the ones who did. The talented ones. He built his army this way.

Eleazar explained how Chelsea was necessary for the Volturi because she had influence over the emotional ties between people. She could sort out the ones who were guilty and the ones who were innocent and this would keep punishment from reaching such brutality. The guilty would be punished and the innocent would be spared. He explained that her power was strong and that any relationship other than partners was in danger. But he strongly believed that should would have a hard time breaking the bond between all of them.

The conclusion was made that Aro is bringing himself and the entire guard and the wives because he is coming to collect, not to punish. He wants the Cullen talents, especially Edward & Alice and soon Bella. Edward says he would never willingly go but Eleazar points out that Aro knows Edward's weaknesses...Bella.

In the midst of discussion Bella hears tires turning into the driveway. She panics and tells Edward it must be Charlie and that the Denalis need to go upstairs. But it isn't Charlie. Alice and Jasper have sent Peter and Charlotte. Round Two.

Chapter 32 Company

"Edward answer unspoken questions, watched Benjamin pull geysers of water from the river or sharp gusts of wind from the still air with just his mind, and their eyes glowed with their fierce hope that the Volturi had finally met their match." - Bella Cullen

The Cullen mansion was buzzing with guests as people began flooding the house. All prepared to witness for the Cullens and to stand with them when the Volturi wrongfully attacked. Edward was a very good host by lending out cars whenever someone needed them and offering whatever he could to make the situation more comfortable.

Jake and the wolves were on edge. They knew that right outside their border some innocent human was being murdered so a hungry vampire could live. But all things aside, Jacob knew this was crucial to protect Renesmee so she tolerated the vamps just as they did him.

Renesmee was key. She replayed for everyone how she proved to the Denali clan she was harmless and she was different. She won Peter and Charlotte over so easily. They were just as committed to witnessing as the Denali group was.

Siobhan, Liam, and Maggie were friends of Carlisle's that he had sent from Ireland. Maggie possessed the gift of knowing when she was being lied to. Once Edward told the story, all Maggie had to do was confirm and the Irish were in without even touching Renesmee.

The Egyptians Amun, Benjamin and Tia were next. Even though sweet Renesmee had cast her adorable spell upon Benjamin and Tia, Amun was not so easily convinced to touch the strange child. Benjamin finally coaxed him into staying but he refused to touch the child.

Eleazar picks up on Benjamin's talent that Amun is so determined to keep hidden from Aro. He can influence the elements-earth, wind, water, and fire. This was such a rare talent and Amun wanted to keep him protected.

Next in the line up was Garret. This was one of Carlisle's more adventurous friends that Emmett and Rose tracked down. He seemed to make quick friends with the Denali ladies. Mary and Randal also came and decided to be a witness but they all wondered what they would do if it came down to a battle.

Carlisle, Esme, Rose, and Emmett all return a week after they had left. Carlisle returned with another friend, Alistair. Alistair was strange and distance but considered Carlisle to be one of his closest friends. He kept his distance but he showed up. He was on the run from the Volturi and he knew there was no keeping it from Aro now that he was around.

Then the Amazons, Zafrina and Senna, show up. This was unexpected because no one could get in contact with them. When they arrived they explained that Alice had sent them and advised them to separate from their third friend because she needed them there. So Alice was in South America. But why?

Alice was on a mission and Bella found this oddly comforting knowing that she had a plan and that she had not just abandon them to save herself. There was a purpose for everything she had done but it was just so frustrating not knowing what it is.

Renesmee took with Zafrina right away. She was addicted to her talent. Zafrina could impose illusions and pictures in her head. This was a very strong offensive skill but Renesmee was using it for pleasure.

Meanwhile, Bella was getting Cullenized and learning to fight like a Cullen. Edward attempted to teach her but he failed horribly. He pinned her within two seconds but instead of letting her fight her way up he just jumped back and explained he couldn't teach her. It was too real for him. He encouraged her to ask Emmett or Rosalie but that she wouldn't need to fight anyway because the Volturi would hear them out. Everyone pitched in and took a shot at Bella.

Physical training was necessary but learning to use her shield was much more important. Bella was working with Kate on trying to project her shield. Edward played the test dummy, taking shock after shock from Kate while Bella tried to expand her shield around him. She would have it and then it would snap back just like a rubber band.

Finally Kate pushes Bella too far by bringing Renesmee in the mix. Bella pushed her shield around everyone out of anger and fear of someone trying to hurt her baby. She was so powerful but yet even though Edward was in the bubble, he still couldn't hear her thoughts. Drat.

While practicing a new set of visitors arrive. The Romanians, Stefan and Vladimir have come to fight with Cullens. No one has sent for them. They come on their own. They despise the Volturi and all they stand for.

Morale was finally up a few notches. Next to the Volturi, this was the largest gathering of vampires. They had so much talent balled into one. But would it be enough?

Oh My Vampire! There are WAY too many new characters in these chapters. My spell checker was going berserk with all of these crazy vampire names! There is just so much information going on. I seriously needed that vampire guide Stephenie laid out for us in the end. All that aside, I love the allegiance they all have with each other. They know standing up to the Volturi could mean their life but they are willing to do that to do the right thing. Man, maybe these vamps could teach the human race a thing or two.

Bella's gifted! And not in that nerdy way either. This talent makes her hands down the most bad ass vampire that has ever walked on two feet. Who knew that messed up little mind of hers would be saving the entire coven in the end? But what about her control of her thirst? Do you think that was just luck and preparation or another gift? One thing I wonder...did Alice know that Bella would be gifted? And in turn did Aro know?

Taking from the book a little, I have to say I am more than excited with Summit's casting decisions on all of these newcomer vamps and cannot wait to see them all together. Especially Kate and Zafrina...they are my favorites. I also cannot wait to see Garret utilize his talents.

Awww poor Edward's heart is too big to take his woman down. Could you even imagine how hard it was for him to utilize her as a target? Honestly, she should have known better than to ask that of him. The man had a hard time watching her hunt...did she seriously think he could attempt to fight her? Although I'm looking forward to seeing him try.

This last chapter gives me hope, just like it does everyone in it. Alice has a plan. You know she is got something up her sleeve and look at all of the gifted people they have in their corner. With the practice and participation from everyone and a lot of luck...they could do this.

And we can't forget about poor Jake who has to endure the stinky vamp smell just to be close to Renesmee. I think its kind of sweet in that weird I'm not sure I'm ok with Jake imprinting on a baby way. I also love the wolves since of comradeship. They are in it to win it and will do whatever is necessary to protect Jake and Nessie, even if it means getting ripped to shreds. Stupid, but sweet.

The Romanians freak me out a bit but I will say I think they are necessary to the story. They bring something totally different to the table. They don't fear the Volturi, they loathe them. They have no respect for them unlike everyone else. They are there to fight, witness or not.

Lastly, I am so amazed that Carlisle has so many friends willing to come to bat for him. This just proves what a great man he is. I guess mostly these "friends" know if they ever needed him for the same thing he would be there no questions asked...ya know for soulless creatures they sure are loyal.

So what do you guys think about the introduction of all of the new characters? Who is your favorite? Did you think Bella would be so gifted and that the frail little human you met in Twilight would be the one to save the Cullen coven? Did you feel more at ease when you found out Alice sent the Amazons? Should Edward suck it up and teach his woman to throw down or was he justified in refusing? Are you anxious to see Kristen act out Bella's gift? Anything else you want to add in there feel free!


  1. First, EdwardsBella thank you for doing this! I love going back over the story with you! And when I don’t have time to read the whole chapter you sum it up wonderfully! So thanks! These two chapters are so intense. Well, the whole book really... Anyway, I can’t wait to see how they put everything into the movie and hope they don’t leave out a lot of stuff to make it movie length appropriate. I can’t wait to see how Bella’s gift comes across the screen. (Especially when she first starts using it) And I am excited to see who they cast as the other Vamps

  2. You guys rock! Thank you for the love...I'm so glad you enjoy this. Its good to know because in actuality it takes me a while to write these so Im glad it doesn't go unnoticed.

    The movie will be insane! I cannot wait...Im practically foaming at the mouth for this thing to come out! I have to be honest though and say that Kristen's performance is the one I am most looking forward to. This is so out of her realm and her comfort zone. She has to tone the awkwardness done a few notches and this will be a true challenge on her acting ability.

  3. Ok Ok Im here!! Everyone can calm down hehe :) A big sorry to Eddie'sBella, Im a slacker the past two wks:)

    Ok is this funny but every time I read this I think about this being like a family reunion, with people all over the place. Like some scene from The Walton's :) Minus the food of course. But really I luved it when Bella's Powers were found, It was really full circle doncha think? Then my favorite addition is Alistar, I was really hopeing Johnny would play him as a paranoid skizo!! So sad bout that,, but it makes me laugh that he stays in the attic, and ends up not being able to stand it! I also loved the bond between Zafrina and Nessie. It is rather sweet how Jake is so worried bout Nessie as is the rest of the pack!Ok thats all your turm chikadee!!

    Oh and lastly I hope Edward Kicks Bella's a*s hehe JK :)

  4. Zafrina is my fav...and the chic playing her looks pretty badass. Btw its about time :) But onto the matter at hand...Bella is the baddest of them all. I mean they all have these kick ass powers but hers trumps everyone's. I love it when the plain and deathly boring turn out to be the most awesome! I think that is the secret of Bella though...she thinks so little of herself and always puts Edward up on this pedestal and is always saying he is too good for her and things are so unbalanced but in truth she makes him better. She is freaking amazing and when she changes to a vampire...all of that is just amped up.

    I mean c'mon she brought together ancient enemies (wolves and vamps) I think I just had an epiphany...maybe its not Renesmee that brings everything in full circle...maybe its Bella's desire to have EVERYONE in her life and have EVERYONE be a family. Renesmee was just a bit of a catalyst. I think Bella would have found a way to make everyone deal with each other with or without Renesmee...

    Man I'm insightful today :) Take note lol its probably an effect from waiting FOREVER for you to post *Kisses 4 Rob* if you would have waiting a week I may would have found a cure for cancer

  5. HA!HA!HAA! Veeeeery funny!! Guess wwhat y'all when eddie'sbella says epiphany she means orgasm hehe!