Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rob Pattinson disses Twilight?

Happy Thursday Twi-Hearts!

You can imagine my astonishment as I was scrolling through Twilight headlines this morning and came across: "Robert Pattinson disses Twilight in new interview!".

According to Hollywood Life: "R-Patz says he didn’t like the script of the first film!"

It seems like our Edward Cullen, wasn’t a fan of the Twilight movie that started his career! Before you all gasp in horror--I was able to notice that this was BEFORE he even turned on the Cullen charm, Twis.

In an interview with Italian Vanity Fair Rob, says he didn’t understand the appeal of the vampire series when he auditioned for the part! Enter the sighs of relief here. I knew all was right with my world yet.

“When I first read [the Twilight script], it didn’t appeal to me,” Rob says. “I couldn’t understand what was so special and why everybody was so into it.”

That was then, this is now. A relatively unknown story, except for Twilight book readers,up until the movies--it's no wonder that he didn't understand the appeal of our favorite vampire and his human lover.

Add to that his sky-rocket trip to fame, and his place into the millions of devoted fans' hearts, and I'm sure Rob now can totally understand why Twilight is so special!

(Via Hollywood Life)


  1. I won't lie I sort of hated the script 2 it just fell short 2 me.

  2. Melissa Rosenberg's scripts aren't exactly great literature. Some of the lines the actors are forced to speak have made me cringe, so I can see why he'd initially be turned off by Twilight script.

  3. Nice post, I just tweeted the link to a friend who was doing a little research on this. Thanks again.

  4. are you twihards stupid? its not only the script. its the bloody book too. aren't you losers on tumblr or something? Robert disses on twilight all the bloody time. i don't even know how i get here. i can't even urghh. communicating with a twihard is like communicating with a baboons ass.