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Taking It Back To The Pages: Breaking Dawn Re-Read Chapter 35&36

*Sorry it took so long guys...a lot is going on in real life, but we are almost done...Only 3 more chapters! My next post will be the last three chapters! I wanted to say I have really enjoyed all of the comments and the great friends I have made from this project! Love you are awesome!*

Bella: Chapter 35 Deadline

"Edward and I had not had a last grand scene of farewell, nor did I plan one. To
speak the word was to make it final. It would be the same as typing the words The End on the last page of a manuscript." - Bella Cullen

Bella has hired J. Jenks to forge legal documents for Renesmee and Jacob, at Alice's request. The battle is coming and she has to be ready. She has to make sure that her daughter is safe and her best friend is there to be able to take care of her.

Edward, or anyone else for that matter, knows about Bella's transaction with Jenks, so when it is time to get her documents she has to lie to Edward and tell him she is running some errands. Bella hates lying to him but she knows it is necessary. The only thing is...Alice really never told her why it was necessary to keep it a secret.

Bella goes to Seattle to meet with Jenks at a restaurant to pick up her documents. He asks her if she is the one that Edward married and she informs him that she is. He expresses how happy he is for Edward to have finally found love. He shows concern about why Bella was wanting these forged items. He was afraid she was planning on leaving Edward and running away with the child. How precious, a criminal with a conscious.

In true Cullen fashion...Bella drives home with the gas pedal to the floor and the lights out. When she arrives, all of the cars are gone. The nomad vamps have all gone out of town to hunt and the rest of the Cullen family were out hunting as well. Bella has the house to herself so she goes through Alice's room and finds a handbag to place all of the forged paperwork for Renesmee.

This moves Bella's mind to think about Jake and Nessie's future. Alice must have seen that the two of them survive, but would she meet back up with them? Would she be in Nessie's life? Bella did the only thing she knew to do and that was to think of RIO DE JANEIRO and hope that Alice was not too busy to listen.

Bella was preparing for the end. The end of her 2nd life that was so short lived. The end of her and Edward. They had to plans to make it a huge good-bye scene, because that would be making it final and she did not want to look at it that way. No matter what the outcome of this mess would would find them together. Always.

The snow had begun to fall on the ground and the time was nearing. Everyone was preparing to meet the Volturi in hopes that being a witness would be enough to stop them long enough to listen. Bella spent some time with her daughter alone, telling her that when the time come she was going to have to leave her and go with Jacob. She told her that she may not understand now but she would.

While she was gathering Renesmee's things, Bella notices the wedding gift from Aro on the shelf. She decides to put on the necklace. Maybe this would start things on a chummy note. It couldn't hurt right?

It was time. Everyone took there positions. Bella stood behind the front line ready to protect the most valuable members with her shield. The wolves were in place ready to take action and Jacob's presence calmed her. Bella felt a sense of relief as well. As long as Jacob was near by, Renesmee would always be safe.

They all stood in position waiting. Suddenly a growl came through Edward's clenched teeth. He stared off into the forest. The others stared in the same position. Waiting...

Chapter 36 Bloodlust

" I could taste madness on my tongue—I felt it flow through me like a tidal wave of pure power." - Bella Cullen

The time has come. The Volturi, including the wives and the guard, came gracefully sweeping through the forest. They fell into place so at ease and confident. Would this be the end?

There was no emotion that could be read on their faces. There was no hurry to get the ball rolling. They were slow and deliberate. They moved with ease and confidence. Almost as if it were inevitable that things would end in their favor.

There were 32 of them and 19 of the Cullens (and friends). This was an impossible battle. But that wasn't all. As soon as the entire Volturi had gotten into position, a mass of vampires came from the forest into the clearing to stand behind them. An angry mob of sorts, prepared to fight for so-called justice.

A thousand thoughts rushed through Bella's head. There were so many of them. Even if they were able to take out Demetri, Jacob could never escape this. She started feeling defeated in a sense. Bella knew that once the Volturi killed them all, their entire world would be made to believe that it was done in the name of the law, rather than fear and jealousy. Jealousy because Carlisle's coven had things they wanted and could never have.

Edward began to assess the situation. He told everyone that Caius and Aro have no intentions of hearing anything out. They came to destroy and conquer. Once they finally got into position, Bella notice the sound of beating hearts. The wolves have joined them. There were more than ten and there were some she did not recognize. She felt guilty that Sam had allowed children to be in the line of battle, but it was necessary. If the Volturi found out about one, they would destroy them all.

The thought of the wolves entire existence being destroyed infuriated Bella. She wanted to kill every one of them. She let a fierce snarl escape from her mouth. Edward cautioned her by taking her hand. Although she was seeing red, it did not effect the Volturi at all. Caius and Aro were having a conversation through Caius' thoughts but still not effected.

Edward began reading the thoughts of the ancient vampires. He was giving everyone a play by play explaining how they were trying to think of a course of action. They have never been outnumbered before. They were not sure how to approach it.

Aro has the nerve to come off as offended that the Cullen's would bring such an amount of back up to fight with them if necessary. Carlisle explains that they were there to simply witness. He requests to speak with Edward. Meanwhile, Bella is raging mad and as a result her shield is becoming stronger as she pulls it around Edward.

She lifts her shield long enough for Aro to grab his hand to see what he has seen. This made her even more angry. She hated the idea of sharing her very personal moments with a man she hates. She was prepared to shield Edward as soon as she saw a sign of danger.

Aro is now in a tough spot. He now knows that Renesmee is not immortal, that she shares the qualities of both vampire and human. Caius is appalled by his behavior and is ready to destroy the whole lot of them, but Aro knows if they want to remain respected they must hear them out for they have not broken any laws, even though he has no real intentions of sparing their lives.

HELLO Mama Bella! She is so fierce in these last few chapters. She is ready to take some Volturi dudes on. Being a mother has turned her into a raging machine. I LOVE IT! When rage is channeled from love...its always intense.

Jenks is a nice addition to the story. Great example of how vampires should be respected. How funny would it be if in real life there were emo vamps running around your town and you made fun of them or pissed them off then they just snapped your neck? INSANE! Jenks knew better...Jasper put the fear of God into him. Wish we could have had some back story to that. I think I have said this before but I would enjoy seeing more of the naughty side of all of the vampires.

I am going to be the first to admit when I read the part (even the 4th time) where Bella was trying to contact Alice to meet up with Renesmee and Jake and she was gathering their things...I lost it. It is so depressing and I feel so sorry for her. She is preparing to die and there is nothing pretty about it. Then the talk of her and Edward dying together and always being together no matter what...too sad, but poetic in a way. My heart was breaking for her the whole time.

So the moment we all waited for...the battle. I have this pictured in my head of a bunch of pasty dudes just staring each other down with a random growl or snarl here and there. The whole battle is fought in their minds and nothing physical let down, but I will say that I hear the movie will be a bit different. There will be a little action...maybe a dream sequence or something who knows. I want to see Bella whip some tail though. :)

Edward, to me, is too laid back about all of this. Where is the burning man that he was when he thought he was going to lose her before? Do you guys think that he knew what was going to happen? Maybe he could hear Alice's thoughts from far away but never said anything. What do you think? He was much to calm and collected...not very Edward.

This will be an amazing part in the movie. It is such a huge amount of the cast in one place. Kristen will really have her hands full pulling this off. She has to pretty much act out the whole scene with nothing but her face. Wonder how they will pull that off? Will they have some sort of inner monologue? Who knows, but it will be challenging to play either way.

Maybe one of my favorite parts of these two chapters is how stunned Aro was by the presence of the wolves. It was so gratifying to know that the Cullens had one up on the ancient just know the whole time he is shouting in his head and wanting to stomp his feet
and throw a tantrum because the wolves don't want to play nice with him. Wish Sam would have ripped Aro's head off. Weird question...but when wolves have to go potty do they cock their legs like dogs? I know, I know...left field, but I was just wondering.

So who would you like to see do battle? Were you disappointed at the battle of the minds vs a physical one? Did your heart break for Bella when she was preparing Renesmee for a send off with Jake? Do you think Edward had an idea that Alice was on the way to save them all or was he just at peace because he knew that if Bella died, he would be with her? Do you think Edward and Bella have the most epic love story of all time? Who would you compare it to?


  1. These two chapter are filled with despair!
    I was to the point of tears!
    Much love to you Edwardsbella418 for doung these rewrites<33

  2. Me too...way to much emotional stuff going on here!

    Thank you so much for commenting and checking these re-reads out! Makes my day :) They take forever to write...nice to know they don't go unnoticed

  3. PLEASE tell me when are u going to upload the last 3 chapters? Patiently waiting I love how u do & so enjoyed it thanx!