Thursday, March 10, 2011

So Summit....Can A Girl Get A Loan?

I have decided, the next time we go out...drinks on Summit! These guys are projecting mega bucks for Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2. Of course every American knows to make money, you gotta spend money and Summit has had some deep pockets when it came to budgeting for this film.

Its seems that they have set the budget for $263 MILLION dollars...Yes I said 263! In the beginning budgets were expected to be around $200M but I'm guessing they had to add several million to pay for everyone's wigs and extensions. :) The studio only forked over a measly (I say that lightly) $37 million for the first Twilight and saw HUGE returns by bringing in over $230 million.

So that's a lot of money right? Well these guys are predicting to bring in at least $1.2 BILLION dollars from both films! I guess in the scheme of things, $263 million isn't really that much. It should be illegal to make so much money! How is it possible? Because we are simply the BEST fans on the planet and we made this a phenomenon. I'm wondering where is our cut? Just kidding guys but on a serious note, it's our love for the story that makes this so big. We stand in line just to get pre-sold tickets, then we stand in line for hours just to be seated at the midnight premieres. And as if that weren't dedication...we go back and see the movie at least three times and then wait and wait and pre-order DVDs (all 5 versions) and stock up on everything with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor's face on it. Plain and simple, we are the best.

I think this go around we need to make opening night a record breaking night and help Summit sign those paychecks! Are you guys already planning your Breaking Dawn night in November? Ok, so I'm a nerd...yes I am planning mine already.

{via The Wrap}

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  1. Lord of The Rings (all 3 movies, including extended editions) had a budget of 300 million. I can't imagine Breaking Dawn being better quality than all 3 LOTR movies ;) ... but we'll see!