Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breaking Dawn: Rated S for Sinister?

There are all kinds of Non-Twi groups out there but this one takes the cake! I was lurking around on Twitter when I found this link to a Christian website, where a gentleman decided to give his version of a movie review of Breaking Dawn (which might I add hasn't even came out yet...but anyway). My review of his article...the only positive thing about it was he spelled all the words correctly.

Twilight is nothing short of a phenomenon and has created one of the largest followings in Hollywood history. Fans love the fantasy behind the story and the idea of having a true love. The keyword is fantasy. Fantasy meaning a genre of fiction that uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot theme or setting (yes I Wikipedia often). Although fans get wrapped up into this world, the majority of us know the difference between real and fiction. Therefore, the largest percentage of us are not going around trying to bite each other or infect ourselves with half breed vampire babies.

This gentleman who wrote this article was specifically speaking of the risk of Twilight on your children and how harmful it could be to them, saying that "This movie is all about naked orgies." Wow! Really? Tell me how it is that a sexual relationship between a husband and wife can be deemed as harmful or sinister? This is how he explains himself...
"Look at the bent knees of Bella! Look at how they bend in ecstatic release, as Edward Cullen stucks his sparkle worm into a bared vagine hooha for all movie lookers to see and hear! If they had invented smellovision you’d smell prostitute whore dripping of Las Vegas bathrooms at 4:39 am!"
Whoa! I feel more like a sinner just for reading this garbage. Obviously someone has watched the Breaking Dawn trailer one too many times, because that was a pretty thorough analysis. I am too disturbed by this article to express anything but complete pity for the man who wrote it.

I have made this comment a million times and I will make it once more...Movies do not make bad kids and if you are a good parent you know this. Movies play a small role in influencing children, but the parents play a much bigger one. In other words, if your kids are going around pretending to be vampires and sucking blood from each other or trying to make little Renesmees, I think you should step your parenting skills up a notch and quit blaming a movie and start looking at yourself as the problem.

This article has raised a lot of attention and everyone is indeed entitled to their own opinions but as one of the biggest Twilight fans out there I want to hear your thoughts on this. Is Twilight a product of Satan himself? Or should the author of this article seek professional help? To be honest, he is probably just bitter because the world didn't end on May 21st :) Oh my that was mean of me...Comment below! Read the whole article HERE.

{via ChristianWire}


  1. WOW!! First..stephanie waited until Edward and Bella were MARRIED to have them "do" anything because she is religious. Second..this guy has clearly only heard about twilight and not read the books or seen the movies because if he read/saw them he would know that the Twilight Saga is very PG when it comes to the relationship of Edward and Bella(until breaking dawn...because they're MARRIED by then). And third.. Bella is nothing like a Los Vegas whore in a bathroom at 4:30 in the a morning?!?! Like WTF dude!! Do you have personal experience with that specific situation??

    People like the books or movies because of the fantasy, romance and mystery. They like the idea of an Edward(someone completely perfect for them in every way possible) or a Jacob(someone who will treat them like they are the one and only person in the world he will ever love). People relate to and love Bella because the books are entirely through her eyes. She is who the reader is while they indulge the wonderful world that is Twilight. Most people do know the difference between real life and fantasy. But who doesn't love to pick up any book and just escape into it???

  2. That is my thoughts exactly. Since when is a husband and wife consummating their marriage sinister? I mean its PG 13 it isnt porn and up until this movie there hasnt been anything remotely sexy in them. Its just ridiculous and someone wanting attention. I guess negative attention is better than nothing

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  4. Obviusly he hasn't read/seen the movie o know it isn't true. Twilight Series isn't anythig about Satan. I think he is the Satan himself. Twilight is about romance and finding your true love. Renesmee isn't a name for Satan woman. Renesmee is a name she gave to their only child after her two grandmothers. Non of the charecters are homosexual. I didn't read all of the article because i thought it was PURE GAREBAGE! I agree with the first Anonymouse and EdwardsBella418.

  5. My 8 year old daughter spent the summer of 2010 reading Twilight and New Moon and I dont feel like a bad parent for letting her. I didn't let her read Eclipse because there are two parts that are a little more adult in it. I love the Twilight Saga's morals and truly hope that my children use Edward and Bella as role models. Stephenie Meyer is my role model and I can't thank her enough.

  6. Shame on the person who watched the movie allready! It's not done yet. It's people like you that made Stephenie stop writing Midnight Sun.

  7. Anonymous that has the 8 yr old. Your not a bad parent and thats great that you let ur child read the first 2 books. that dude is just trying to find a way to distroy Twilight Saga. But he isnt going to because heir are to many of US TWI-HEARDS IN THE WORLD. Or his just tring to find publisity. And the first Anonymouse is right she actually waited to the do "it" when their MERRIED. He should read or see the movies and THEN comment about them.

  8. well rest assured my Twi-Hards...I left him a nasty nasty comment. Made me feel very un-lady like ha ha

  9. I think he was watching a porno called Breaking Dawn. He had some very specific numbers and accounts of what he apparently watched. It wouldn't be the first time a porn parody was made of a big movie.