Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Excellent Fan Reactions to the Breaking Dawn Trailer

Ladies and gentlemen...we have ourselves a crier! This was an awesome YouTube video I found of fan reactions to the new Breaking Dawn trailer that aired on the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night. These things never fail to make me smile! The fans in this video are obviously hardcore Twi-Hards and want the world to see it!

Did you videotape your reaction to the trailer? I didn't but only because the camera adds ten pounds ha ha. Send us your reactions if you videoed them to and we will compile them and get them posted.



  1. I love it I can't wait for the movie. One question in the last seconds of the trailer when Bella is examining her stomach what is she saying, who is Edward fighting with in a room and why is one of the volturi guard throwing Gianna across the room?

  2. Well, Edward was fighting Jacob, that's what it looks like. And I'm not quite sure why the Volturi guard threw Gianna across the room. Maybe because she handed in the invitation to Edward and Bella's wedding and he got mad?