Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kristen's Latest Look Wins Her Best Dressed

Pigs must have been spotted flying and I am pretty sure hell has frozen over because Kristen Stewart took the title of this week's E! Fashion Police Best Dressed. It actually came down to her and Emma Watson's look but everyone loved Kristen's edgy Balmain dress she rocked out for the MMA's.

Most of the time Kristen is constantly dissed for her fashion choices but this time as they said, "she owned" this look and she looked super hot in it. I'm sure Kristen could care less what folks think about her clothes, but its nice for a hottie to get credit where credit is due. Kristen is one of the few ladies who can pull off a t-shirt and skinny jeans and make them look awesome. Her clothes speak volumes about her personality. She is laid back and chill and likes to dress that way.

Of course we all love her signature move...removing the heels as soon as she gets off of the red carpet. She has a hard enough time being comfortable with cameras flashing in her face every second, so I say let the girl rock some Chucks with her mini.

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