Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Comic Con Goodness Continues With Part of the Cast Taking Fan Phone Calls!

Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser and Charlie Bewley will all be taking fan phone calls for Comic Con. These guys won't actually be present, but Summit confirms they will be answering questions via phone. SDCC guests are encouraged to visit the Summit booth to submit questions and from those they will allow the ultimate fans to speak with the stars LIVE!

Again, the Breaking Dawn panel will be one of the first panels to go and Bill Condon promises us a little exclusive footage. What questions would you have for the stars if you were given the chance to talk to them? Would you keep it strictly movie related or would you dive in on the personal note?

{via The Hollywood Reporter}


  1. Will any of the comicon panels be filmed for the rest of us to see, and if they are can you put a link up for us?

  2. I am creating a master post as we speak. I am not bothering with low quality vids and pics. I have posted a few interviews and the vids from the press conference. I will post them all at once :) Stay tuned!

  3. Thanks a million.