Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UPDATE: Breaking Dawn SDCC Tent City Is Up & Running!

Twi-hards once again prove themselves to be some of the most dedicated fans in the world. I posted earlier a pic of the line that was beginning to form at San Diego Comic Con, but now there is a full fledged tent city in the works. Fans have been provided with tents to offer them some shade from the flaming hot California sun.

Fans all over Twitter are giving us the deets on everything going down. I am following several folks and getting pics to keep you guys posted. These are the most recent pics I got from Rob Pattinson News! So my fellow Twilight freaks...would you go so far as camping in line for 3 days just to get a glimpse of our favorite cast? Me? Well yes I would if it were near by :) because I'm nerdy like that!

{via RobPattinsonNews}


  1. Thats really awsome...wish i was there...maybe next year!:)

  2. Ha ha me too...I would so sleep in line with some serious deodorant on hand ha ha