Friday, July 22, 2011

Rob Sheds His Twilight Skin in Bel Ami (VIDEO)

As a great surprise yesterday, thousands of Twitter fans were stunned when the trailer for Bel Ami began showing up in their feed. Rob worked on this movie after he had filmed Remember Me but before Eclipse was released. So its been a long while since he worked on this and we really haven't heard a lot about. So when the trailer was posted on was unexpected.

This role is much different than his usual brooding, romantic guy character. He has no morals in this movie. He has a mission to be rich and he will destroy anyone to achieve that. He is a womanizer, which in all honesty makes me giggle because we all know Rob says himself he has never been one to swoon the ladies!

Playing a role like this is exactly what Rob needs to break away from the label of Edward. His role in Bel Ami will put his acting skills to the vigorous test and I cannot wait to see how he does. Judging from the trailer he nailed it! Awww makes us all feel like proud mommas :) I adore that Rob has done a period piece, its almost like he belonged there! Take a look and comment below!

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