Friday, August 19, 2011

Brand New 'Breaking Dawn' Stills!

The high quality stills from EW magazine were released yesterday and then brand new Breaking Dawn stills are released today! Is it my birthday? Oh how I love seeing Rob and Kristen playing husband and wife. The chemistry leaps from the screen!

For those of you who follow my posts, you know that I am almost as anti-Jacob as it can get. I am going to say something out of character but...WOW! Taylor is pretty smoking hot in this new still featuring him, Boo Boo and Julia. Ok now that I have said it...FORGET I said it :)

Now, replace Sarah Clarke with Jules Mann-Stewart and this pic would be perfection

Thank God he is over 18...I don't feel so bad now

I am sure he is thinking..."I'm too old to be a father!"

All I can think of when I see Rob drive this boat is how when they were filming, Kristen was giving him instructions on how to drive ha ha


  1. I Love it too! lol I had to look it up on Google Translate what that meant btw :) I do not speak Portuguese ha ha ;)