Friday, August 19, 2011

'Breaking Dawn' Questions

Hey there, Twilight fans! As I was re-reading some of my favorite parts of "Breaking Dawn," I had a lot of questions come to mind about how I thought they were going to portray everything in the movie. I'm sure you are wondering some of the same things too! Let's all put our ideas out there so we can not only get even more excited about Breaking Dawn: Part 1, but also to see how everyone else envisions things playing out!

I want to hear your opinions!
  • How do you think they are going to portray Bella having Renesemee? - I don't know about you, but I bet that scene will be super interesting.
  • What do you think Bella's wedding dress will look like? - I also heard the dress will be available for sale, do you think you will want to purchase it?
  • What is your idea of how Renesemee will look? - If you have pictures of your vision those would be great to see!
  • Do you think they will change anything from the book for the movie? Do you want them to change anything?
Answer any of the questions, you don't have to answer them all! We are all looking forward to everyone's ideas...It's so exciting to think about!

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  1. They have changed things. In a pic I saw Esme at the wedding standing with the THREE Denali sisters. I thought, that can't be right, but the caption underneath said Esme, Irina, Kate and Tanya. Irina wasn't at the wedding in the book?