Friday, August 5, 2011

The Gloves Are Off! Accused Hacker Fires Back At Summit

Summit announced a few days ago that they were filing legal charges against alleged hackers who leaked Breaking Dawn pics and footage. These items were stolen from Summit and they do not plan to take it lightly. Now the accused has decided to fire back at the popular production company…this could get ugly.

Daiana Santia held a press conference yesterday to defend herself against these severe charges. Ms. Santia insists that she is just your average Joe computer user and does not possess the knowledge to hack into a computer.

“I couldn't do it again even if I wanted to. You enter by navigating, entering by different links. I only saw it, I didn’t distribute it like they say,” - Daiana Santia

Shortly after the press conference, Summit quickly releases a response, basically stating they have tried to handle manners on the hush hush but Ms. Santia was making it difficult by not allowing them to have a computer professional scan through her two computers to make sure the documents have been deleted and that they were indeed not distributed like she claimed. Summit also stated that if she would have just worked with them that the matter would not have escalated to this level.

WOW! This is going to get ugly I can see. Seriously though…the girl needs to just give it up and take the slap on the wrist and pay the piper. If she is in fact guilty (and she probably is) this is a HUGE multimillion dollar company, she doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning this one.

I have mixed feelings about this because on one hand I think Summit is going a bit overboard with this, but on the other its stealing. I have to look at it as if someone were to steal something of mine; I would want them punished for it. At some point people have to be used to make a point and set an example and she just happens to be the unlucky one chosen. Get Ready Twi-Hards because I am pretty sure that this is not the last we will hear of this.

{via Washington Post and Gossip Cop}


  1. I don't think she will win the case. Summit more than likely can get a warrant to scan her files on her computers. Even if SHE did not hack into their system doesn't mean she didn't have someone do it for her who could. Posting pictures that aren't supposed to be released ruins it for a lot of us fans who are anticipating the release of BD. By releasing them, it's kinda like releasing the air our of the balloon and there is no surprise left.