Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summit Puts the Smackdown On Hackers Responsible for Leaked BD Footage

When it comes to keeping Breaking Dawn a secret...Summit means business! A few of months ago the internet flooded with leaked footage and pictures from the set of Breaking Dawn. Summit has now decided to take legal actions against the person(s) involved. Daiana Santia, was served a civil notice in the US and is also facing Argentina charges as well.

I shamefully admit I was one of the people who almost broke their neck to get to their computer to see these pics, but as a responsible blogger...I did not post any leaked photos. All fan sites were encouraged by Summit not to post any of these illegal images. A lot of fans were devastated at the leak and felt that it ruined the whole movie for them. I have an opinion on this and I am pretty sure it WILL make at least one person mad, but if you know there is a leaked photo, why in the world would you even look at it? If you don't want the movie ruined...don't look. Its pretty simple.

Summit took action immediately after the photos were leaked, shutting them down where ever they could find them, but its a digital image. Its permanent. To lighten the situation, Summit released a still of Edward and Bella in bed together along with a plea for fans to please stop
sharing these pics.

Not only were the execs at Summit miffed about the leak, but some of the stars were quite upset about it. Robert Pattinson pleaded with the Twi-community to find the people who were responsible and hack into their accounts. Rob also noted that the footage leaked was a rough cut and may not even be in the film.

What do you guys think? Should these pirates be punished to the max or is Summit blowing it out of proportion? Leave your comments below! Happy Twilight Wednesday!

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  1. Summit is in the right here. I say take them down and hopefully people will think twice before doing anything of this nature again.

  2. It's Killing me. Three and a half months to go, but I will wait. If people download instead of paying to see the movies, they won't make enough money to make more. I want More!

  3. I agree...I mean I did look at the photos but then instantly wish I hadn't of looked. It is stealing no matter what way you look at it