Sunday, August 7, 2011

Twilight At 2011 Teen Choice Awards

2011 Teen Choice Awards were not a complete Twilight sweep but the cast still had a successful night! Rob snagged the award for Choice Actor/Drama (Water for Elephants) and Choice Vampire. Proving that he is a favorite of the ladies, Taylor took home Choice Sci Fi/Fantasy Actor. Seriously how many of you moms voted for him uh? Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene were awarded for their Scene Stealing moments in Eclipse.

Our favorite leading lady Kristen was up for Sci Fi/Fantasy Actress but lost out to Emma Watson of Harry Potter. If Kristen were there do you think she would have given Emma the stink eye the way Emma did when Kristen won at the MTV Awards? Seriously doubt that...Kristen would have been more than happy not to get up there in front of all of those people to give a speech :) Harry Potter beat out Eclipse for Fantasy Movie, but you have to admit...Deathly Hallows Part 2 was amazing, so nothing for the Twi fans to be too upset about.

All and all it was a great night for the Twilight cast. Enough with the talking and on with the pics!


  1. haha Twilight lose!! didn't get there traditionally 'Choice Lip-Lock' :D

    AND dont even try to make out that Kristen Stewart is more sophisticated than Emma Watson... never gonna happen... :D

  2. please,kstew is a thousand times more badass,cool and down to earth than ew anyday

  3. Nikki looked gorgouse. I like her better as a brunett.