Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TB.net Sending Love To England...

Every single person in the Twilight fandom knows that London is home to our favorite vampire, Robert Pattinson, and temporary residence to his leading lady, Kristen Stewart. Right now the people of England are suffering from the horrible riots taking place. Buildings are being set on fire, looters are lurking the streets, and violence is around every corner.

I would like to dedicate this post to England in hopes that they find peace soon. I would also like to send out our thoughts and prayers to all of our readers from the UK. Take some time and leave a comment to show your love and compassion for everyone effected by these riots.

Oh yeah and whoever is in charge...you better keep our Stewy safe :) We want her back in one piece. :) Josh Dickey with Variety tweeted earlier that all is well in the land of Snow White.


  1. I'm from london...and I just wanna say thank you, because the riots are completley pointless...soo thank you for showing some love. It's much appreciated :)

  2. You are so welcome. When things like this happen...it stops being about what country you're from but you have to support people b/c they are people. I hope everyone finds peace soon. Our prayers are with you

  3. Im also from london so thank you for all the lovely support we really apreciate it. It's nice to know that you care x