Sunday, September 25, 2011


Okay, in response to a comment, I am starting my series of posts BOOK TO MOVIE by discussing a part involving Charlie. The point I am referring to is when Bella and Edward tell Charlie the good news about the engagement! Nervous as Bella is, Edward stays just as cool and collected as only he can be. But what is the first reaction of our beloved police chief?! Pregnant??!! Wow. All of Bella's fears of what people are going to think have been realized. Of course she's not pregnant Charlie....didn't we already have the "virgin" conversation?! Then we move on to the vast array of colors Charlie's face turns when Edward asks not for permission but his blessing. I hope this is captured on film. Billy Burke already does an excellent job portraying the emotionless, protective father of a teenager. I am sure this will continue. The last thing Mr. Burke needs to perfect is the outbursting laugh he gives once he has come to terms with the whole wedding thing and realizes that Renee needs to be told. He, of course, puts that responsibility in the hands of Bella, gladly. It will be nice to see Charlie in this light.

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